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SOPRASMART® offers fast, labor-saving installation

SOPREMA has developed a new time- and cost-saving product line, SOPRASMART Laminated Boards, combining its SOPRALENE SBS-modified bitumen membrane and cover board into one installation layer, resulting in application consistency and complete adhesion. By combining the roof membrane and cover board into one layer, installers can gain valuable time on job sites, in turn reducing labor cost and increasing overall job efficiency. This patented technology is the first and only of its kind and is available exclusively through SOPREMA. For more information, visit

New reinforced polyester for APP/SBS modified bitumen membranes

Jzh Company officially launched a new reinforcement material for APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes. The material is made of polyester mat and fiberglass mesh, is lightweight (90 g/m2) and has a high tensile strength (MD 650N/5CM, CD 500N/5CM) that is stronger than 200g/m2 spunbond polyester mat. It also features high thermostability. This is a revolutionary product. Visit or email