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Haul more, work less

The BOXhaul Dump Box does not need hydraulics, weighs only 580 pounds and is rated up to 6,600 pounds. It boasts a huge capacity of more than 5.2 cubic yards, 40 percent more than competitors. It has a 3/16-inch aluminum wall construction and 3/16-inch bottom. It has a unique self-dumping design and can be operated by just the crane operator instead of requiring a worker on the ground for unhooking. For more information or to view a demonstration video, visit or call (612) 702-5392.

An alternative energy source

DCI Products' SmartRidge I is a ridge vent way ahead of its time. Using a patented single-sided design and installation method, SmartRidge I is the cleanest-looking, most effective ridge vent on the market. SmartRidge I is the only 100 percent efficient ridge vent, venting through one undisturbed exhaust outlet at the back of the home. Because of the one-sided lift, a siphon effect causes air to be piped out continuously, similar to a chimney. SmartRidge I was designed with green building standards in mind. For more information, call (800) 622-4455 or visit