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TPO Direct Weld coating

Our TPO Direct Weld coating bonds so well the membrane separates at the scrim, leaving the bottom layer of the membrane securely bonded to the TPO Direct Weld-coated surface. Our TPO Direct Weld coating can be applied to stock and custom products. Menzies Metal Products makes superior roofing products. See for yourself! Call (800) 665-8840 today for your free TPO pull-test sample. For the complete line of our TPO Direct Weld-coated products, visit

Pinnacle Pristine® architectural shingles

Contractors and customers are enthusiastic for Pinnacle Pristine shingles built with HP Technology by Atlas Roofing. High-performance technology means a larger size, 130-mph wind warranty with standard four-nail application and easier installation with a true 1 1/4-inch nailing area. Pinnacle Pristine shingles also feature Scotchgard™ Protector to help resist algae stains and streaking. Visit for more information.