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Exciting new version—more advanced features

The latest release of AppliCad software incorporates new features for the solar industry—solar radiation and shadow calculations. More than two years of effort has gone into the new version to ensure AppliCad's status as the developer of the world's leading roof and wall cladding software is maintained. The AppliCad program is the total package that delivers absolute accuracy—the only software accurate enough for metal roofing and capable of all other cover materials, accessories and trim—and now solar, as well. For more information, visit or call (800) 966-1698.

Largest fleet of boom trucks under one roof

ALT Sales Corp., a stand-alone division of the ALL Family of Companies, offers the greatest all-around value and largest selection of the world's best names in boom trucks for sale or rent: Terex, National, Manitex, Tadano, Landoll, Rotobec, JLG, Altec, Fassi and more. ALT Sales' experts help buyers find the exact boom truck for their needs and provide delivery throughout North America. Learn more about the premier source for boom trucks at or by calling (330) 659-2100.

Clear roof repair sealant

Through The Roof!® clear roof repair sealant provides a clear, flexible seal for rooftop fixtures without the look of messy black asphalt. It should be applied to wet surfaces and in cold temperatures to repel water immediately. The product stops and prevents roof leaks and expands and contracts with temperature changes. Available in cartridges or brush grade, Through The Roof! won't dry hard or crack, lasts two to three times longer than asphalt and meets Federal Housing Administration requirements. Use Through The Roof! on most common roofing fixtures and materials. For more information, visit

Roof underlayments

As metal roofs gain popularity, it is essential the right underlayment is installed with them. Polyglass' Polystick® underlayments provide the necessary high-temperature resistance and longevity needed in such roof system installations. Polystick MTS is a fiberglass-reinforced, rubberized, modified asphalt waterproofing underlayment. With a slip-resistant polyolefinic film on its upper surface, Polystick MTS has been specially formulated to resist temperatures up to 265 F, exhibiting exceptional tensile strength and thermal stability. For more information, visit

Roofing contractor software for your business

AccuLynx is cutting-edge Web-based software created with a focus on the roofing industry. Combining many years of construction knowledge; diverse programming techniques; and the knowledge of usability strategists, graphic artists and marketing experts, AccuLynx is simple and tremendously powerful. AccuLynx is one-of-a-kind, easy to use and will help you take control of your business like never before, as well as become more organized, efficient and profitable. There are thousands of quality craftspeople, but successful businesses are few in comparison. AccuLynx offers hardworking craftspeople the essential tool to better manage their companies. To learn more, visit or call (866) 981-5969.

Solar energy roof panels

Sheffield Metals International SOLR™ laminates provide flexibility and durability ideal for metal roofs where expansion, contraction and curving are considerations. Fused to the surface of a roof panel substrate before being installed on the roof, SOLR laminates feature no roof penetrations and require no additional structural supports. SOLR laminates maintain overall serviceability of the roof. For more information, visit


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