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Permanent or temporary solution for roof safety

Miller Fall Protection introduces the new Miller Fusion Roof Anchor Post (RAP) that provides a versatile single-point anchorage for workers conducting maintenance on industrial-style roof systems. The innovative base plate is engineered for temporary or permanent installation to the roof surface; attachment is quick and easy, reducing installation time by more than 50 percent. In the event of a fall, the top of the Miller RAP reorients in a direct line with the force and activates the patent-pending energy absorber. For more information, visit

Aluminum retrofit drain

Marathon Roofing Products' new "All" Aluminum Retrofit Drain, constructed of heavy-duty 0.081-gauge spun aluminum, features a heavy-duty aluminum ring with 12 scallops to maximize drainage, and a 10-inch aluminum strainer and ProSeal rubber seal to prevent water back-up issues. The drains are available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch sizes; flange diameter is 16 inches, and outlet length is 12 inches. For more information, call (800) 828-8424 or see our complete product line at