The head chef

Dane Bradford is NRCA's new president

His days as sous chef of the roofing industry are over. This month, Dane Bradford, president of Bradford Roof Management, Billings, Mont., changes roles as he moves from NRCA's senior vice president to president. He is ready to rework former presidents' recipes and create some of his own to better the association and roofing industry.

"The NRCA presidency means a lot. I am honored to fill the shoes of some of the greatest guys in the industry. I really love being a roofing contractor," Bradford proclaims.

Home life

Bradford's training to become NRCA president began in Colstrip, a rural town in eastern Montana. The day after Bradford graduated with a business management degree from Montana State University, Bozeman, in 1981, Bradford's father, John, former president of Bradford Roof Management and former NRCA president, sent him to Colstrip to oversee a new power plant roofing project. With college course books still strewn across his car's backseat and limited roofing experience, Bradford was in for quite a journey that lasted three years.