The next PCCRS Phase

The PCCRS council releases its first sets of criteria for public comments

After nearly four years, the Performance Criteria for Constructed Roof Systems (PCCRS) council has released its first two roof system draft criteria documents to the industry for public comments.

The development of the documents, which address built-up and spray poly­urethane foam (SPF) roof systems, is a testament to a group of volunteers who identified a need in the roofing industry and were determined to fulfill it.

How it started

In February 2003, NRCA's Technical Operations Committee (which is charged with overseeing NRCA's technical activities) broached an idea—albeit not a new one—that was intended to enhance and build on existing roofing standards. After receiving input from various industry segments, a new group was formed to create PCCRS. Governed by a council, the group planned to address specific roof systems and write performance standards for the entire systems. The standards would address design,installation, maintenance and material standards.