The secrets of safety success

A roofing company explains how it developed a culture of safety

Creating a safety culture at a company is a challenging yet rewarding undertaking that ultimately ensures employee satisfaction while increasing work quality and professionalism. At RSS Roofing Services & Solutions, St. Louis, our employees benefit from a tradition of safety practices established by commitment, communication and empowerment of our leadership team. In turn, they are expected to exercise strict adherence to safety policies and procedures and communicate openly about any potential hazards. This combination of responsibilities upheld by leaders and employees is the key to creating and maintaining an authentic culture of safety.

The challenges of safety

A primary challenge when addressing safety policies and procedures is overcoming financial concerns. To some, the perceived cost of safety measures may outweigh any potential benefits to the company. An example of this would be believing a large financial investment in safety equipment is unnecessary or a waste of funding if it is not specifically required on job sites or not being used by competitors. In either of these cases, the assumption is the financial cost of the safety precaution is greater than any benefits—financial or otherwise—the equipment could bring to the company.

Another challenge that poses an obstacle to implementing safety precautions is how difficult it can be to measure their effectiveness. With all the training, protocols, inspections and other safety precautions that are implemented, it can be challenging to determine which, if any, of these safety protocols directly contributed to an increase in worker safety.