The sound of roofing

Mahan Slate Roofing restores Groton School's bell tower

The ambition and values that drove a young Episcopal priest to found Groton School, Groton, Mass., in 1884 still influence the school more than 130 years later. Built on 415 acres of farmland along the Nashua River, the school initially accepted 24 students, and by 1920, it grew to admit 180 students. More than 380 students currently are enrolled in the school.

Recently, one of Groton School's iconic 19th century buildings was renovated for the 21st century. The school's expanded "Schoolhouse" integrates the original structure's majestic windows with a new light-filled, 50-foot-tall forum, which leads to a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics addition.

Energy efficiency was a primary project goal. Despite its increased size, heating and cooling the renovated Schoolhouse will cost about the same thanks to newly installed geothermal wells, light and movement sensors, skylights with energy-efficient glass, and other energy-saving measures.

In 2011, Groton School began a roof remediation program. During the past six years, Mahan Slate Roofing Co. Inc., Agawam, Mass., has replaced more than 1,200 squares of slate and copper roof systems on the school's campus, including St. John's Chapel, which consisted of more than 80 squares of copper roofing. During 2014-15, Mahan Slate Roofing completed restoration of the school's bell tower.