Tough times

How are economic and global conditions affecting the roofing industry?

What a turbulent world we live in. A possible war with Iraq; nuclear weapons in North Korea; bombings in Israel, Palestine, Indonesia and the Philippines; rebel uprisings in Russia and Africa; a stalled stock market; and corporate fraud are just a few of the headlines that we read daily.

And in the midst of chaos, you need to live your life and run your business. As you know, this is not easy. Professional Roofing asked several roofing contractors throughout the United States about their outlooks for 2003 and how they are coping with a changing world and evolving industry. Following is what contractors had to say about the commercial (low-slope) and residential (steep-slope) roofing markets, growth trends, insurance coverages, economy, work force and other concerns.

Low-slope market

A recent poll on NRCA's Web site,, asked, "Are new construction projects increasing or decreasing in your market area?" Forty-eight percent of the 152 respondents said new construction in their areas is decreasing. When Professional Roofing asked roofing contractors to discuss new construction trends in the low-slope roofing market, they agreed with the poll's respondents.