Uniting with universities

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress forges important partnerships with universities

For several years, roofing contractors have struggled with how to recruit not only field workers but also project managers and estimators. Competition for employees is fierce, and the roofing industry's negative image among construction industry job seekers only adds to the problem.

To help attract college graduates to the industry, members of The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress turned their attention to universities that offer construction management degrees and sought partnerships with them to bring roofing curricula into college classrooms, as well as expose students to opportunities in the roofing industry.

The effort began in 2013 with the Alliance partnering with three construction management schools: the Department of Construction Management at Colorado State University, Fort Collins; McWhorter School of Building Science at Auburn University, Auburn, Ala.; and M.E. Rinker Sr. School of Building Construction at the University of Florida, Gainesville. A task force was formed with Alliance members, the deans of the three construction management schools and NRCA staff.

The task force identified three initial action items:

  1. Develop a roofing-related curriculum that can be incorporated into existing courses
  2. Explore scholarship programs for students and faculty members
  3. Develop an internship program