Visionary leadership

NRCA elects Kent Schwickert as its new chairman of the board

What does it mean to be a visionary leader? According to Warren G. Bennis, an American scholar widely regarded as a pioneer in the contemporary field of leadership studies: "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

When visionary leaders know what the future can be, they build it. When they imagine a family hardware store turning into the largest nationwide operating unit, they make it a reality. When they see the possibility of creating a leading nationwide commercial roofing company, they strategically take big risks to make it happen. Visionary leaders have the foresight to create apprenticeship programs for the roofing industry's workforce, and they manifest an award-winning winery just for fun.

A visionary leader is Kent Schwickert, senior vice president, national business unit for Tecta America® Corp., Rosemont, Ill., and NRCA's 2018-19 chairman of the board.

"Kent is a visionary; he's a big idea guy," says Kevin Palmer, president of Schwickert's Tecta America LLC, Mankato, Minn. "He has a unique ability to bring smart and talented people together to get some large things done within time frames most people wouldn't have thought possible. He's always looking to be progressive and is interested in moving forward not only at our company but moving the roofing industry forward."