Wind by design

NRCA's wind-load calculator receives an uplift

NRCA's online wind-load calculator, Roof Wind Designer, recently was updated to include the 2010 edition of ASCE 7, "Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures." The 2010 edition, designated ASCE 7-10, serves as the technical base for wind-load determination in the International Building Code,® 2012 Edition (IBC 2012).

Roof system designers should be aware of some significant changes addressing wind design in ASCE 7-10.


ASCE 7 is a widely recognized consensus standard method for determining design wind loads on buildings and other structures. ASCE 7 contains separate provisions for the design of major structural elements (referred to as main wind-force resisting systems) and components and cladding (roof systems). Furthermore, wind-uplift loads are determined for three different zones of a roof system's area: field, perimeter and corner.