Window to the sky

Wagner Roofing replaces the skylight system on Bethesda Metro Center

3 Bethesda Metro Center is a 17-story commercial office building located above Bethesda Metro Station at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown Road in downtown Bethesda, Md. The tower provides 368,000 square feet of rentable space to tenants and is a hub for major financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Bank of America Corp.

Constructed in 1985, the 825,000-square-foot facility includes an impressive 16-story atrium. During the past 30 years, the atrium's composite skylight panels began to delaminate and deteriorate, resulting in significant leaks. The panels were eroding so much, fiberglass was being released and collecting in the building's main gutter.

In 2016, Bethesda Metro Center's atrium skylight system was evaluated for leaks and replaced by Wagner Roofing Co., Hyattsville, Md.

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