Be the roof

In the film "Caddyshack," a golfer is blindfolded. As he sinks putt after putt without the benefit of sight, he proclaims, "Be the ball." Heady advice from a golf addict. An expert in his field, he was absolutely right. Intuition provides a sort of second sight, and it's a skill you need to develop.

Trust intuition

In case you think this merely is the stuff of Hollywood, there are many intuitive leaders in the trades. During a conversation with one electrical contractor, he confessed to me he does his best work when he clears his mind before entering a new job site. He says he "absorbs" the situation. If there is an electrical failure, he senses where the energy flow is disrupted. If it is a new job, he can visualize the best way to route it. His intuition allows for competitive bids on jobs that draw high bids from others who claim a high level of specialty is needed.

In the roofing industry, stories abound about leak experts who seem to have divining rods up their sleeves. Quiet and deliberate when they come to sites, they seem to sense where the water is, how it travels and why it is there. They see what others do not and enjoy a high level of detection success.