Worst possible environment

Empire Roofing surmounts extreme heat, heights and low ceilings to reroof Muskogee's power plant

Built in 1977, the Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company's (OG&E's) Muskogee power plant provides electricity to Oklahoma's northeast corner. Performing reroofing work on such a facility carries a tremendous responsibility—any electrical service disruption could have potentially devastating effects for the community. And working in such close proximity to boilers presents a substantial safety risk to workers.

OG&E and the project's roof consultant, Amtech Building Sciences, Richardson, Texas, selected Empire Roofing Ltd., Fort Worth, Texas, to face the grueling task of reroofing boiler rooms No. 4 and 5.

Not for the weak

The roof is located on the 11th floor of a 20-story structure containing coal-fired boilers used to power steam turbines generating electricity. Nine levels of boiler structures are above the 11th floor, and no intermediate floors exist below. The deck and roof system were collapsing from the weight and extreme degradation they experienced, and roofing materials were falling 150 feet to the internal parts of the boiler machinery. The potential disaster from falling debris could interrupt or prohibit boiler operations, resulting in a power outage for Oklahoma residents.