r u online?

An employer's guide to social networking issues

In addition to addressing the myriad of typical employment issues, employers are challenged by a new onslaught of issues posed by a technology-savvy work force. Armed with only a superficial understanding of various evolving technologies and an even less certain understanding of applicable laws, most employers are struggling to address employee misuse of these technologies while attempting to use the technologies to improve their business operations and work force management.

Nevertheless, employers who take action and invest in using evolving technologies and provide training for their human resources and management personnel to better address employee misuse of technologies fare far better than those who delay in addressing these inevitable issues.

Understanding the sites

Most employees are connected to the Internet inside and outside of their workplaces. A majority of these employees regularly access the Internet while at work for personal rather than professional reasons. The types of technologies employees use and misuse are endless; however, employers have learned social networking sites, instant messaging and blogging are the most likely to disrupt a workplace and cause significant legal and business problems.