Arena fun facts

When the KFC Yum! Center opened in 2010 in Louisville, Ky., it was the city's newest multipurpose arena in 54 years. The 721,762-square-foot arena houses 22,000 seats, seven levels, 72 suites, 62 premium boxes and six lounges, among other features.

Following are some fun facts about the arena, according to

  • Structural steel placed in the arena weighs almost 6 million pounds—the same weight as 746 average-sized Asian elephants.
  • The arena's catwalk is about 1/2 of a mile long.
  • The arena's escalators are 556 linear feet—the same length as a line of 733 basketballs.
  • Churchill Downs' Twin Spires would fit from the court floor to the roof's underside.
  • The center's scoreboard weighs 40,000 pounds—as much as 11 Ford Explorers.
  • There are 322 miles of electrical wiring installed in the arena, which is enough to stretch from Louisville to Chicago.
  • The arena's overall square footage is equal to about 13 football fields.
  • Sixty-thousand cubic yards of concrete were placed in the arena, equaling 6,000 concrete trucks and representing 25 miles of concrete trucks parked bumper to bumper.

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