Charitable giving increases in 2013

According to a report from the Giving USA Foundation, people in the U.S. gave $335.17 billion to charity during 2013, up 4.4 percent from a revised estimate of $320.97 billion during 2012.

Individual giving rose 4.2 percent in 2013 to $241.32 billion. Corporations donated $16.76 billion, which was down 1.9 percent from 2012, and foundations donated $50.28 billion, which was up 5.7 percent.

Religious organizations continue to receive the largest amount of donations but remained basically unchanged at $105.53 billion; they experienced a 0.2 percent decrease in giving. Foundations also experienced a decline, receiving $35.74 billion, which was a decrease of 15.5 percent. Education received $52.07 billion, which was an increase of 8.9 percent.

In addition, there was an 8.5 percent increase in giving for public-society benefit organizations; 7.8 percent increase for arts, culture and humanities organizations; 7.5 percent increase for environmental and animal organizations; 6 percent increase for health organizations; 2.2 percent increase for human services organizations; and 6.7 percent decrease in giving for international affairs organizations.

"While this has been a particularly slow recovery, many charities are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel," says Gregg Carlson, chair of the Giving USA Foundation. "Donors are increasingly more comfortable giving to the causes they care about and at a level in keeping with the impact they would like to make.

"We are seeing clear gains in the total amount given by individuals in the last couple of years," he continues. "In fact, the rise in contributions by individuals between 2011 and 2013 represents 73 percent of the growth in total giving during that period."

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