NRCA's photos of the roof system damage Hurricane Charley caused.

This is a wind-damaged billboard atop a through-fastened metal panel roof system. Aside from the damage the billboard caused, this roof was intact.

This damaged EPDM membrane was hanging over the edge of a building. Note the additional roof debris on the canopy over the sidewalk.

This fully adhered single-ply membrane delaminated from its insulation substrate. In this photo, the membrane has been repositioned to provide temporary protection.

Wind damaged this metal shingle roof system.

Wind-damaged three-tab strip asphalt shingle roof system were found on this structure. Note the underlayment remained largely intact and shingle nails remain in the roof deck.

This is a wind-damaged architectural laminated asphalt shingle roof system. Note in some instances the asphalt shingles delaminated.

This is a damaged three-tab strip asphalt shingle roof system. This particular roof system was installed using the racked application method.

This wind-damaged single-ply membrane roof system was hanging over the edge of the building. The roof system was intended to be fully adhered; however, little adhesive was apparent between the membrane and its substrate. Interestingly, the membrane stayed largely intact.

This was a wind-damaged fully adhered single-ply membrane roof system over polyisocyanurate insulation. Note the delamination occurred within the polyisocyanurate insulation just below its facer sheet.

This is a wind-damaged mechanically attached single-ply membrane roof system. Note the membrane tearing in the foreground within the field seam.

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