Workplace fatalities statistics

Following are some statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding workplace fatalities.

  • In 2012, 4,628 workers were killed on the job—on average, 89 per week or more than 12 deaths every day; this is the second lowest total since the fatal injury census was first conducted in 1992.
  • In 2012, 748 Hispanic or Latino workers were killed from work-related injuries—on average, more than 14 deaths per week or two Latino workers killed every day.
  • Fatal work injuries involving contractors accounted for 15 percent of all fatal work injuries in 2012.
  • Of the 4,175 worker fatalities in the private industry in 2012, 806 (or 19.3 percent) were in construction.
  • The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites in 2012 were falls, followed by struck by object, electrocution and caught-in/between. Known as the "Fatal Four," these causes were responsible for 54.2 percent of construction worker deaths in 2012.
    • Falls accounted for 279 of 806 total deaths in construction in 2012.
    • Struck by object accounted for 79 of 806 total deaths in construction.
    • Electrocutions accounted for 66 of 806 total deaths in construction.
    • Caught-in/between accounted for 13 of 806 total deaths in construction.

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