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Want to Transform Your Workflow? Unlock These Three Advantages with Technology

By Eagleview

Roofing contractors, like so many other professionals, want to do more with less. Yet how can they achieve this goal in a labor-intensive field like roofing?

It all starts at the beginning—before a prospect becomes a customer. A roofing contractor who bids smarter will see more precise estimates, increased wins, and greater accuracy with material orders, leading to a boost in profits overall. This all becomes possible when the right technology is in place in the roofer's workflow.

Aerial roof measurements are one such solution. When roofing contractors have a 3D aerial view of a property and precise measurements of the roof, they can bid faster and better manage their bids and projects.

Want to transform your workflow? Look for a solution that delivers these three key advantages:

1. Faster bids.

In the time it takes to schedule an appointment with a prospect, send personnel to the property, measure the roof, and create a bid from those measurements, you could lose out to a competitor.

Technology can eliminate the need to schedule time-consuming site visits. When you have roof measurements and property data in hand upon meeting a prospect, you demonstrate your professionalism and can bid early.

2. Streamlined estimates.

You don't need to measure by hand to submit a preliminary bid. On a competitive job, aerial roof measurements can help you bid fast and bid often. Furthermore, there's no scheduling multiple visits with homeowners to collect all the data when you have it up front.

Technology shouldn't make things more complicated than they need to be. Choose a solution that can give you the information you need rather than one that sends you out into the field with a smartphone, a drone, or a new, complicated piece of software to learn.

3. Better project management.

Your list of prospects, the materials you need, and property information for each estimate—why should they all be in separate systems? If you're tired of shuffling through paperwork, it may be worth looking into a smartphone app for productivity.

By using an app, you impress prospects with your forward thinking and organization, and you make their lives easier by requiring just one visit to meet with them.

What's the fastest way to see these advantages?

Download the EagleView App!

The new, easy-to-use EagleView App gives you access to detailed measurement reports anytime, anywhere. You can order EagleView measurement reports right in the app to receive guaranteed accurate measurements.

The EagleView PremiumReport™ delivers 3D roof diagrams and high-resolution aerial images of a property from the top down and all four sides. Need to bid fast? Order an EagleView QuickSquares™ report within about an hour for a preliminary bid, and upgrade to a PremiumReport at a reduced price when you need the full measurements.

With EagleView reports, you have everything you need to bid with confidence. Now you get that same highly detailed information in full and in a handy summary in the EagleView App. The EagleView App lets you collect additional photos and take notes on the job site to keep your information organized in a single, streamlined dashboard.

Transform your workflow: Download the EagleView App to see faster, more profitable bids on every roofing job.