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Your Online Presence is Where Customers Find You First

How are your customers finding you? As a roofer, this can be a difficult question to answer—many roofing companies don’t always know! Was it word of mouth from a job you did last year? Did someone see your yard sign? Did your canvassing strategy pay off in an old neighborhood? Whatever the case, it’s worth knowing how your customers come to you.

These days, it’s likely a bulk of your customers are finding you online. But this is, itself, a broad answer. Where online? Did they see you on Facebook? Click a PPC ad? Google “roofers near me” to find your website?

It’s important for any roofer to know where and how their customers are finding them online. It’s even more important that they can find you online, wherever they might be searching. Here’s a look at all the places people are likely to look for a roofer online and why it makes sense for you to meet them there:

  • Google search. Whether you’re paying for PPC ads that put you right at the top of search results or have a listing in Google’s local business carousel, Google is where most customers start their search and find you. Whether they Google your business by name, search for “roofers near me” or search for a specific type of roofing service, your business listing and website need to be front and center, ready for them to click and contact.

  • Social media. Everyone is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Your roofing business needs to be, too. These platforms make it simple to communicate directly with prospective customers to answer their questions, show off your work or share the word of mouth recommendations you’ve worked so hard to earn. Social media also ties into everything, making it one of the easiest ways for local customers to find you, no matter where they start their search.

  • Online directories. There’s a good chance you have a listing on Thumbtack, Porch, Angie’s List, Houzz and any of dozens of other directory websites. These are hubs people visit when they’re looking for a specific service—like roofing. You need to make sure your profile is complete, full of useful information and well-positioned to succeed on these sites. Customers will feel good about choosing you from the competition when your profile stands out.

  • Your website. Your website is on every piece of marketing collateral you create (or, at least it should be). It’s on door hangers, handouts, business cards, catalogs, the side of your trucks and anywhere else you can put it! When they navigate to your site, it should encourage them to explore, and they should find the information they’re looking for. Most important, your website needs to look professional and make it easy for someone to contact you—whether it’s to get a quote, schedule an inspection or give them a call.

  • Other websites. The internet is a big web of links. The more of those links that lead back to your website, the better job you’ll do of attracting and capturing leads online. That means other websites need to link to yours. A blog post on a local homeowners’ association website. A review of your company by the local paper. Pictures of your work on social media. All these and more should link back to your website, so they can funnel people directly to you.

If it wasn’t clear already, there’s a lot of work roofers need to do to stand out online and make it easy for customers to find them. This isn’t even taking into account your competition! There are plenty of other roofers vying for the same business in the same area, using these same tactics to reach home and business owners. On top of being present across the web, your business needs messaging and marketing that stands out.

Having a website isn’t enough; it needs to be a great website. A Facebook page isn’t enough; it needs to be an active page. Ranking on Google doesn’t matter if you’re on the fifth page; you need to be on the first page. All this takes work, and time you might not be able to dedicate to marketing and lead generation. That’s where we come in.

BizIQ has worked with roofers for more than a decade. We do what it takes to build out a comprehensive online presence for your company, making it easy for local-area customers to find you—before they find the competition first. From web design, to SEO and PPC, to social media marketing and directory management, we’ll make it impossible for people to miss you online!