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It’s a full-on blitz as the roofing industry converges on Las Vegas for the biggest show of the year.

Ready to get pumped up before kickoff? We’re going to elevate the expo experience with a football themed tailgate party! As the 2024 IRE coincides with football’s big game just days later in Las Vegas, you can look forward to an on the field experience like no other. The OMG Roofing Tailgate Experience will open the playbook and feature OMG Roofing’s top draft picks:

  • OlyBond500® Roofing Adhesive
  • OlyFlow® RetroDrain®
  • PowerGrip Roof Mounts
  • RhinoBond® Induction Welder

Come tailgate with us and let’s talk about how we can support your team before your next “big game”. At the heart of OMG Roofing's showcase is the “On Field” team you have on the roof with you and your crews. From Pull Tests for adhesives and fasteners to Rooftop Best Practice Trainings, Shop Trainings and Lunch & Learns. Yes, even in the frozen tundra.

The OMG starting lineup features over thirty of the most highly trained experts in the roofing industry, always there to help you cross the goal line. Don’t throw up a Hail Mary, we’ve got you covered all over the country!


The OMG Roofing team, is set to take the field with live demonstrations featuring best practice training for the state-of-the-art RhinoBond® induction welding system. Our expert team will kick things off highlighting a full RhinoBond system installation from beginning to end:

  • RhinoTrac® EZ
  • RhinoBond Power by OptiWeld
  • RhinoBond Hand Welder

Four downs, four things to focus on with RhinoBond:

  • Material Savings (Fewer Fasteners & Plates / Reduces Membrane Waste)
  • Performance (Zero Membrane Penetrations / Better Wind Uplift)
  • Productivity (Eliminate Bending When Fastening / Stand Upright When Welding)
  • Efficiency (Eliminate Half Sheets / Fewer Seams)

If you want to just win baby, don’t fumble away the opportunity to connect with OMG Roofing, so be sure to mark your calendar for IRE 2024!