• Shining like stars

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    NRCA members have long been part of a strong and active force of philanthropy within the roofing industry, frequently devoting time, materials and labor to assist their communities. Every August, Professional Roofing shares these stories of charitable acts. This year, the stories come from the U.S., Mexico and Uganda, demonstrating the generosity of NRCA members knows no boundaries.

  • Positioning to win

    by Tim Calkins

    Roofing can be an intensely competitive business with many contractors fighting to win each available job. Companies must decide how to compete for customers, and there only are two ways to compete: be cheap, or be different. Companies who choose to be different should understand the concept of positioning. If implemented correctly, positioning can lead to improved marketing efforts, revenue growth and profits for your company.

  • A hybrid solution

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    Built in the 1960s, the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility was designed using a built-up coal-tar pitch roof system. In 1998, it was re-covered with coal-tar pitch and gravel. Not long after the re-cover, the roof system began to leak. In 2013, the facility's management team decided it was time for a new roof and selected Advanced Roofing Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to perform the tear-off and replacement of the building's 35,000-square-foot roof system.

  • Testing TPOs

    by Helene Hardy Pierce , Christopher McGroarty , Thomas J. Taylor, Ph.D.

    In "A study of longevity," February 2014 issue, page 44, TPO membranes' long-term performance was discussed, leading to the conclusion that the material generally is performing well. However, some manufacturers have had issues when membranes were installed in high-heat situations. In response, a study was undertaken using heat-aging tests to determine whether TPO membranes perform differently in high-heat situations. The testing yielded some interesting results.

  • What do roofs do?

    by Ambika Puniani Bailey

    The second annual Children's Art Contest brought forth an outpouring of creative talent from young relatives of NRCA contractor members and their employees. Conducted as part of NRCA's National Roofing Week held July 5-11, the contest received 52 entries. More than 3,000 votes were cast online to determine the three winners.

Current Issue

Professional Roofing 08/01/2015

The August issue features charitable work performed by NRCA members; ideas for positioning and differentiating your company from competitors; a hybrid roof system installation on the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility in Florida; the results of TPO membrane heat-aging tests; and the creative winners of NRCA's Children's Art Contest.

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