• Metal to the metal

    by Dale Nelson , Vincent E. Sagan, P.E. , W. Lee Shoemaker, Ph.D., P.E.

    When a metal roof system reaches the end of its service life, a roofing professional must help the building owner decide whether to replace or re-cover the roof system. Metal over metal and single-ply over metal are two lightweight re-covering options that provide several benefits including reduced labor, reduced construction waste and increased energy efficiency.

  • The rise of TPO

    by Mike Ennis, RRC

    Thermoplastic roof membranes have been fast-growing low-slope roofing products for more than a decade. The membranes' weather resistance, high reflectivity and easy installation boost their appeal with building owners seeking long-term performance from roof systems that also meet energy-efficiency standards and other building requirements.

  • A dome to the sky

    by Chrystine Elle Hanus

    When university leadership at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, undertook a project to expand the school’s campus, Supreme Roofing, Dallas, was selected to install multiple roof systems on five dormitory buildings and a dining hall. Supreme Roofing worked through inclement weather in all seasons to successfully complete the project, including installing a copper dome with a skylight on the dining hall.

  • How do I load thee?

    by Thomas L. Smith, AIA, RRC, F.SEI

    The 2016 edition of ASCE 7 provides information that allows designers to determine various types of loads and load combinations on buildings. Roofing professionals should acquire the 2016 edition and review applicable changes such as new wind speed maps and changes in roof pressure coefficients and zones for low-rise buildings.

  • Show me the money

    by Alison L. LaValley, CAE , Karen L. Cates, Ph.D.

    The 2017 NRCA Wage and Benefits Survey provides a set of benchmarks about average annual salaries and bonuses for employees by position, among other benefits data-collected from NRCA contractor members. As prospective employees seek employment opportunities that rival traditional career paths, the survey results can help roofing contractors bring new hires into the industry.

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Professional Roofing 10/01/2017

The October issue features an explanation of the options available for re-covering existing metal roof systems; Supreme Roofing's installation of multiple roof systems and a copper dome for Southern Methodist University; and the results of the 2017 NRCA Wage and Benefits Survey, among other topics.

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