Are millennial buyers a myth?

What you need to know to sell to different generations of homeowners

Sometimes, selling a job can be easy—your prospect is ready to buy before you even get to the door. But we all know that doesn't happen often enough. More typically, selling a home improvement project is a complicated process. There's a lot to remember. You need to size up your prospect, get a clear sense of what's going on with the house, communicate in a way that has the homeowner agreeing with what you see and put your solution together as a scope of work with a proposal that seems more than worth the price you're asking.

More often than not, you have to ask for the business.

Are in-home sales obsolete?

My company, Certified Contractors Network (CCN), helps residential contractors fine-tune the sales process using our 4P selling system. The 4P selling system is a consultative approach that focuses on the following four key areas:

  • Problems/possibilities: What problems does the owner have, or what are possibilities he or she is trying to create?
  • Product: What products will solve those problems or create those possibilities?
  • People: What people will install those products?
  • Price: What is a fair and reasonable price for the work?