As I was saying …

Branding NRCA

During the past year, we've worked with a branding consultant to assess the strengths and weaknesses of NRCA's brand and how it's perceived in the marketplace.

The consultant's report was mostly encouraging. NRCA, we were told, is trusted, valued for its experience and seen as the most likely organization to lead the industry through rapid change. On the flip side, some constituents see us as bureaucratic and slow-moving; others see us as driven by large contractors (even though 48 percent of NRCA contractor members report sales of less than $1 million annually).

In response to these—and other—perceptions, we have retooled NRCA's brand, and you'll see a new look to NRCA, beginning with this issue of Professional Roofing. If you go to, you'll see a new look there, as well. NRCA's Web site,, also is in the process of a total overhaul.

We have introduced a new NRCA logo, which retains its traditional feel with a more modern design. You'll see the new look—where NRCA's brand will be more dominant—in virtually all NRCA publications and programs.