Foremen as leaders: What do they need?

To be effective leaders, foremen should receive specialized training

"He was a great installer, so I promoted him to foreman."— Contractor

"I liked it better when I was an installer."— Foreman

Why is it that someone sees leadership potential but the new leader wishes for the days of being a follower?

The classic reason roofing workers get promoted to the foremen level is because they do great work and get things done, leading their employers to assume they also should be able to train and lead others to do the same. However, as most newly minted foremen will tell you, they had no idea how difficult it is to get other people to do what they do. For some, the frustration isn't worth the extra money; others learn to live with the daily grind. Most have a sincere desire to understand what it takes to succeed in a leadership position but don't know how to move forward.