Time to jump on the bandwagon?

Roofing knowledge gives roofing contractors a solid platform for entering the PV system market

Roofing contractors have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the rapidly growing rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system installation business. Although the massive growth of PV system installations is by itself a compelling reason to consider expanding into the market, it is important to note solar systems have a 30-year productive life but a majority of them have been installed on roofs with only five to 15 years of remaining life. This is an opportunity for PV-knowledgeable roofing professionals to perform removal and reinstallation services for solar arrays along with necessary roof system replacement or repairs.

A distinct advantage

Typical PV system removal and replacement costs can be significant, and repairing or replacing a roof system featuring PV components offers considerably more opportunities.

Roofing contractors have a distinct competitive advantage over electrical and solar contractors. Once a contractor learns the electrical aspects of PV system installation, they mostly are replicable from job to job, but roofing obstacles vary from one building to the next and often present challenges to contractors who do not have a roofing background.