Tracking a trend

Worker-tracking software allows companies to accurately and efficiently track and communicate with off-site workers

With increasing insurance premiums, new Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and Affordable Care Act mandates and taxes, making money in the roofing industry is difficult. Streamlining business processes is one way a roofing contracting company can save money, and streamlining the timekeeping process drives money straight to the bottom line.

Software that allows business owners to supervise off-site employees has rapidly been gaining attention as a more efficient way to manage mobile workers and increase productivity. Known as worker-tracking software, the system allows business owners and managers to track and communicate digitally with off-site employees.

Why have it?

Without worker-tracking software, managers and business owners have no way of knowing where their employees are or how long they have been working. These employers rely on off-site workers to abide by the honor system because supervisors cannot physically monitor every employee at every job site to ensure everyone is doing his or her job. Worker-tracking software eliminates time-consuming and inaccurate paper timesheets. Off-site workers easily can clock in and out from any smartphone from any location. This feature creates accurate digital timesheets for every employee in real time and streamlines the entire payroll process.