A perfect pair

Pfister Energy combines a modified bitumen roof system with solar technology

Valley National Bank, Wayne, N.J., has been progressive and energy-conscious when making changes to its corporate headquarters building. Several energy-efficient projects were performed at the corporate headquarters during the past few years, including the installation of energy-efficient lighting and heating, ventilating and air-conditioning retrofits.

So when the bank needed a new roof system, energy efficiency was an important factor.

"Scott Watkowski, vice president of facilities at Valley National Bank, was interested in pursuing renewable energy and solar projects for the bank," says Wayne Pfisterer, president of Pfister Energy, Paterson, N.J. "The bank's headquarters also needed a new roof system. Valley National Bank's lighting retrofit contractor referred Pfister Energy for a solar project and new roof system installation."

The original roof system on the Valley National Bank headquarters was about 15 years old and had begun to fail. The 22,425-square-foot (2,083-m²) roof system consisted of a steel deck, 2- to 5-inch- (51- to 127-mm-) thick tapered insulation and a ballasted EPDM membrane. The company had to remove the existing ballast before installing the new roof system.