Accessory overview

A look at unique roof accessories

Roofing professionals have the responsibility to design, specify and install quality roof assemblies. In many cases, the scope of their work is not limited to choosing and installing insulation and roof systems. Roofing professionals most likely need to include roof accessories in their designs and installations. And there are times a special accessory is needed to meet unique project requirements or used in an atypical situation.

NRCA's Technical Services Section receives many calls from roofing contractors and roof system designers looking for such roof accessories. To assist roofing professionals, Professional Roofing compiled a limited list of products and their manufacturers that offer out-of-the-ordinary or innovative products. Note that a manufacturer may offer more products than what is presented in this article. You should visit individual manufacturers' Web sites and contact them directly for more information.

And it is important to note inclusion of a product in this article does not imply endorsement by NRCA or Professional Roofing. NRCA and Professional Roofing do not possess or maintain any information about these products' performance records. The article's purpose is to offer some available options for unusual situations and present new and/or improved products.