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Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal restores three roof systems on Town Center Village in Oregon

Town Center Village in Happy Valley, Ore., offers senior citizens an array of retirement housing options, including assisted living and specialized care. Designed as a traditional European town, Town Center Village offers amenities, activities and services designed to help its more than 400 residents stay independent, active and involved.

When the property's 35-year-old roof systems needed repairs, Generations LLC, Portland, Ore., the building owner, called on Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal, Tualatin, Ore., for help.

Scope of work

Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal was asked to develop a scope of work to repair the 125,900-square-foot roof areas. The original roof systems consisted of concrete tiles and asphalt shingles on the steep-slope roof areas and polymer-modified bitumen membrane on the low-slope roof areas.

"To fit the budget, we had to create a scope of work that provided good performance at the right price point," says Grant Gilmore, Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal's regional sales manager.


After Generations approved the roofing proposal, in April, Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal workers began removing 38,000 square feet of asphalt shingles, where they discovered significant rotting underneath.

"Thirty sheets of rotted plywood were replaced throughout the system," Gilmore says. "Dry rot also was located sporadically around the gutters, and the ridge vent was upgraded as well to prevent future moisture issues."

Workers then applied Mountain Bigfoot Barrier™ BIGFOOT 180 underlayment to the plywood sheathing followed by CertainTeed Landmark® AR asphalt shingles.

For the concrete tile roof system also located on the steep-slope areas, workers power-washed more than 56,500 square feet of tile.

"The tile system is typical for the Pacific Northwest," Gilmore says. "Moss was overgrown throughout the system and lifting the tiles. Through time, high winds started to drive rain under the tile, which was causing leaks. We removed all the moss and helped the tiles naturally lay down to increase water-shedding off the roof."

For the 31,400-square-foot low-slope roof areas, workers applied GE Enduris 3500 High Solids Silicone Roof Coating over the polymer-modified bitumen membrane.

"We applied 2 1/2 gallons per square, which ensures a 20-year warranty," Gilmore says. "We back-rolled it onto the roof and then measured using a millage gauge."

Nolan Wilson, Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal's senior roofing consultant, says this was a particularly unique commercial roofing project for his 14-person crew because of the multiple peaks on the rooftop and the silicone coating applied to the low-slope areas.

"The coating was a perfect solution for the hard-to-reach areas," Wilson says. "It was a logistically ran project that had many moving parts. We put all the pieces together, and the results show."

A happy village

In July, Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal successfully completed its work on Town Center Village ahead of schedule and without any disruptions to its residents.

"We are pleased with the whole process," says Maxwell Gabriel, project coordinator for Generations. "We have 400 residents here 24/7, and they were in their rooms during the whole process. We even had a group of residents putting chairs out and watching the project. We were given a deadline of August, and it was completed ahead of schedule in July. We couldn't be happier. It was an easy process for us, and it's a big deal because this is our largest capital expense on our property."

Gilmore says organization and communication were keys to delivering an exceptional roofing project for Town Center Village.

"It's not often we work on three different roof systems on a building of this size at the same time," Gilmore says. "It takes constant communication, organization and a proactive plan. We had some logistical challenges, but the team adapted and overcame many smaller issues before they became large ones. Communication is key!"

Chrystine Elle Hanus is Professional Roofing's associate editor and NRCA's director of communications.

Project name: Town Center Village
Project location: Happy Valley, Ore.
Project duration: April-July 2018
Roof system type: Asphalt shingle, concrete tile and silicone
Roofing contractor: Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal, Tualatin, Ore.
Roofing manufacturers: CertainTeed Corp., Malvern, Pa.; Empire Building Materials Inc., Bozeman, Mont.; General Electric Co., Huntersville, N.C.


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