Empowering transformation

The Roofing Alliance is dedicated to the future prosperity of the industry

In a rapidly changing world, there is one constant: the importance of giving back. Whether expressed through acts of kindness, charitable contributions or service, giving back is a cornerstone of humanity.

And giving back is a goal the 196 dedicated members of the Roofing Alliance share; they seek to serve the roofing industry and shape its future. Through their work to advance education and training, engage in philanthropic outreach, safeguard communities, honor workers and foster innovation, Roofing Alliance members have committed more than $16 million to fund research, educational endeavors and scholarships to ensure the industry’s success.

With the addition of 20 new members during the past two years and growth in engagement and innovative initiatives, the Roofing Alliance is a diverse, dedicated forum of roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals.

“The Roofing Alliance is a key player in securing the viability and prosperity of this great industry,” says CJ Martin, president and CEO of Showalter Roofing Services, Naperville, Ill. “From cultivating partnerships with academia in construction schools of management to engaging in philanthropic outreach within communities—a cause very close to our hearts at Showalter—the Roofing Alliance demonstrates the power of collaboration that can be realized when the industry unites toward a common purpose.”

Charting the course

In the fall of 2023, the Roofing Alliance embarked on an ambitious strategic development plan aimed at substantial growth and long-term sustainability. The plan was crafted to guide the organization’s revenue expansion efforts for the next three to five years, positioning the Roofing Alliance as a pivotal force in the roofing industry.

During the next three fiscal years, the Roofing Alliance is committed to initiating projects aimed at addressing the industry’s most pressing challenges, including its workforce, while fostering opportunities for stakeholders to contribute meaningfully to the industry’s advancement.

Central to the Roofing Alliance’s plan are three core strategies:

  • Enhancing operational capacity and rebranding as the foundation of the roofing industry, which will reflect the organization’s commitment to being a cornerstone of industry progress and innovation
  • Harnessing member expertise to drive visionary projects that address critical industry challenges, particularly in workforce development
  • Maximizing revenue growth through diversified approaches, including actively seeking out private and government funding opportunities and securing grants and contributions from members for specific initiatives.

Construction management

The Roofing Alliance recently marked its tenth year of active engagement with construction management programs. During the past decade, the Roofing Alliance has achieved some notable results, including:

  • Hosting its 10th anniversary Construction Management Student Competition during the 2024 International Roofing Expo.® Ten teams participated (a record number!) and provided written submissions for the Formula 1 Paddock Building in Las Vegas. Five finalist teams were selected to present their proposals in person during the IRE. The University of Florida team was crowned this year’s winner; second place was awarded to Colorado State University’s team, and the Auburn University and Bradley University teams tied for third place.
  • Holding its third Faculty Retreat on Roofing in October 2023 in Tempe, Ariz. Through three retreats held in 2022 and 2023, 45 construction management professors have been educated about the roofing industry and were provided with Roofing Alliance-Clemson University nine-hour, three-semester roofing courses. In addition to Clemson University, Clemson, S.C., Auburn University, Auburn, Ala.; Bradley University, Peoria, Ill.; California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Calif.; Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo.; Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and the University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla., have implemented the roofing curriculum. A fourth retreat will be held in late September in conjunction with the Western States Roofing Contractors Association’s annual convention in Las Vegas.
  • Third annual Faculty Retreat on Roofing

  • Developing an extensive roofing manual. This manual will accompany a nine-hour, three-semester course focused on roofing, which will lead to a Certificate in Roofing for students who successfully complete it. The course was made possible thanks to a Roofing Alliance grant and the Nieri Family Department of Construction Science and Management at Clemson University. The manual and courses are available to all construction management programs accredited by the American Council for Construction Education.
  • Collaborating with the Arizona Roofing Industry Foundation and faculty at Arizona State University, Tempe, to support the work of its Arizona State University fellow, Susan Castelli, a professor from Eastern Carolina University, Greenville, N.C. Castelli’s research will delve into a comprehensive analysis of roof system maintenance cost dynamics and their influence on the lifespans and eventual replacement costs of roof systems.
  • Partnering with Clemson University to identify and document the current state of various sustainability and resiliency efforts in the roofing industry. Goals include developing professional training modules and strategies to educate the industry and improve sustainability and resiliency efforts; educating a future Ph.D. researcher capable of conducting further industry research and teaching roofing at a construction management university; and creating a fourth roofing-related course focusing on sustainability. Once developed, a minor in roofing will be available at Clemson University—the first of its kind and one that can be shared with all construction management schools nationwide.

Who we are

At 196 members strong, including a record number of new members during the past two years, the Roofing Alliance serves as the foundation for NRCA and is composed of a dedicated forum of roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and industry professionals.

Operations are guided by a 16-member board of trustees responsible for overseeing ongoing projects and evaluating funding proposals that address crucial industry concerns. The Roofing Alliance conducts two member meetings annually; multiple task forces and committees also meet virtually throughout the year.

Currently, Greg Bloom, vice president of national and strategic accounts at Beacon Building Products, Herndon, Pa., serves as the Roofing Alliance’s president; Reed Gooding, CEO of GSM Roofing, Ephrata, Pa., serves as vice president; and Jason Dark, vice president of sales at Duro-Last Roofing Inc., Saginaw, Mich., is secretary/treasurer.

Membership is open to all roofing professionals. For more detailed information about the Roofing Alliance, contact Alison L. LaValley, CAE, the Roofing Alliance’s executive director, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7573, or alavalley@nrca.net. You can also explore roofingalliance.net for additional resources.

“In addition to its many philanthropic endeavors, the Roofing Alliance has helped the roofing industry create awareness and a path toward resolving workforce shortages through training, innovative curriculum and educational opportunities for students and faculty at schools of construction management,” says John J. Campbell, vice president of sales and marketing for Eagle Roofing Products, Rialto, Calif. “We are honored to have the opportunity to help advance the roofing industry by being involved with this outstanding organization.”

Professional development

In collaboration with Clemson University, the Roofing Alliance unveiled three online roofing courses tailored to offer a robust education to industry professionals of all backgrounds, experiences and educational levels. The courses serve as excellent onboarding tools for new hires and cater to a broad spectrum of roles, including office personnel, estimators, project administrators, foremen and salespeople.

The courses are entirely self-paced, allowing participants the flexibility to tailor their learning experiences. Upon enrollment, participants have 60 days to complete each course.

The first course, Roofing Fundamentals, is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and study of essential elements that are critical to professional roof construction. Key topics addressed in the first course include types of roof systems and their assemblies, reading blueprints and specifications, estimating, roofing safety, roof system repair, and maintenance and technology.

The second course, Roofing Management, builds upon the first course and addresses concepts at a deeper level within the management aspects of the roofing industry, such as building codes, sustainability, risk management, quality control and quality assurance, field crew management, roof scheduling, site logistics and roofing equipment.

The third course, Roofing Business Principles and Leadership, addresses concepts related to being an entrepreneur in the roofing industry such as leadership and organizational culture, negotiation, starting and sustaining a roofing business, procurement and resource sourcing, sales and marketing, and innovation.

Once a participant passes each course’s final examination, he or she is awarded a Certificate of Completion jointly conferred by The Nieri Department of Construction, Development and Planning at Clemson University and the Roofing Alliance. And upon completing all three courses, a Roofing Professional Management Certificate will be awarded to participants.

NRCA members receive a $100 discount for each course; Roofing Alliance members receive a $300 discount. Special bulk pricing discounts are available.


The Roofing Alliance continues to support educational efforts and offers students financial aid through its Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program.

10th anniversary Construction Management Student Competition

Named for Melvin Kruger, a former NRCA and Roofing Alliance president and chairman of L.E. Schwartz & Son Inc., Macon, Ga., the scholarship program is open to employees of roofing industry companies, their spouses and their dependent children; construction management students enrolled in undergraduate level studies; and students enrolled in CTE programs or schools, regardless of industry affiliation, who plan to pursue careers in the roofing or building construction industry.

Recipients are selected based on academic record; potential to succeed; leadership and participation in school and community activities; honors; work experience; a statement of career goals and aspirations; and an outside appraisal. Each award is $5,000 and is renewable for up to three years of undergraduate study or until a bachelor’s degree is earned provided recipients renew annually and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

For the 2023-24 academic year, the Roofing Alliance awarded eight new $5,000 scholarships and renewed two scholarships, totaling $50,000 for the year. To date, 145 students have received more than $1 million in scholarship awards.


During the Most Valuable Player Awards’ 24th year, six finalists were recognized for their outstanding performance and leadership or outstanding community involvement during NRCA’s Industry Awards and Celebration Feb. 7 in Las Vegas.

Daniel Gochenauer, foreman for GSM Roofing, Ephrata, Pa., was crowned this year’s winner for Outstanding Community Involvement. Gochenauer is described as the type of person who is always willing to lend a hand and is involved in his local community, including wildlife rescue. Obed Hernandez, foreman for Wagner Roofing Co., Hyattsville, Md., was this year’s Outstanding Performance and Leadership winner. Hernandez is one of Wagner Roofing’s most trusted slate mechanics and crew foreman with an eye for safety, project execution and outstanding craftsmanship.

Luis Villalta (center) wins the Best of the Best Award.

One MVP Awards winner is named the Best of the Best—an elite recognition and award co-sponsored by OMG® Roofing Products, Agawam, Mass and Professional Roofing. The Best of the Best winner receives an additional prize awarded by OMG Roofing Products and is featured in a cover story in Professional Roofing (see “The leak whisperer”).

This year’s winner was Luis Villalta, field worker for Antis Roofing & Waterproofing, Irvine, Calif. Villalta has been with Antis Roofing for 27 years, and he is well-known for the expertise he brings to solving complicated roof leak issues and problems. Outside of work, he works on as many Antis Roofing nonprofit roofing projects as he can including a massive roof system repair for the local Boy & Girls Club.

“Being recognized as an MVP holds special significance for these dedicated workers,” says Reed Gooding, CEO of GSM Roofing. “After winning this distinguished title, MVP winners understand they are valued not only for being outstanding performers on the job but also in their communities. It’s quite an accomplishment.”

Now in its third year, the prestigious Bennett Award, established in honor of Bennett Judson, former executive director of the Roofing Alliance, recognizes exceptional individuals who selflessly volunteer their time and talent to achieve remarkable accomplishments in service of the Roofing Alliance and the broader roofing industry.

The 2023-24 Bennett Award was presented to Dennis Conway, principal and vice president of Commercial Roofers Inc., Las Vegas, during NRCA’s awards ceremony. A decade ago, Conway envisioned the untapped opportunity to collaborate with construction management schools, including the opportunity to engage with and teach construction managements students about roofing and recruit them into the roofing industry.

“There’s no one more deserving of this award,” says Greg Bloom, 2023-24 Roofing Alliance president. “Because of Dennis’ visionary leadership, we have not only expanded the reach of the construction management program within the Roofing Alliance but also laid the foundation for the next generation of professionals to thrive.”


In 2016, the Roofing Alliance forged a long-term partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities, marking a pivotal moment in its commitment to proactive social responsibility. Since its inception, all 167 of the standalone Ronald McDonald houses in the U.S. have received invaluable support. From roof system inspections to vital maintenance, repairs and even full roof system replacements, the roofing industry has contributed labor and materials valued at more $2.5 million.

Ronald McDonald houses provide a comforting “home away from home” for families during their most challenging times. These sanctuaries offer not only the solace of private rooms but also the invaluable opportunity for families to connect with others facing similar journeys. Supported by compassionate full-time staff, these houses ensure families feel embraced and supported.

Reflecting on this partnership, Roofing Alliance Former President Rod Petrick says: “It has been an honor to join forces with Ronald McDonald House Charities. The opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families facing adversity has been humbling.”

Get involved and give back

The roofing industry has a rich tradition of generosity, and for professionals who wish to give back to the industry that has given them so much, the Roofing Alliance presents an ideal avenue to do so.

The Roofing Alliance offers various membership tiers that cater to small, medium and large firms, ensuring everyone has a voice in the industry’s destiny.

Members enjoy a Roofing Alliance reception

Members have the option to make commitments to the Roofing Alliance for periods ranging from five to 10 years. In appreciation of their support, we provide public recognition according to donors’ preferences and commitment levels, including national acknowledgment during NRCA’s annual convention and other special events and programs. Furthermore, Roofing Alliance members are encouraged to engage with its task forces, which help guide the strategic agenda. Members also receive invitations to the group’s semiannual meetings and networking events.

Additionally, the Roofing Alliance encourages roofing professionals to support the Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship Program, which offers financial assistance to members and construction management students pursuing careers in roofing or building construction. Contributions to this program are tax-deductible as allowed by law and can be spread over a period of up to five years.

The Roofing Alliance also offers industry professionals opportunities to fulfill their philanthropic aspirations through various planned giving options, such as bequests, gifts of real estate or appreciated stock, life insurance policies, retirement plan assets and charitable trusts.

For details about how you can make a commitment to the Roofing Alliance, contact Alison L. LaValley, CAE, the Roofing Alliance’s executive director, at (800) 323-9545, ext. 7573, or alavalley@nrca.net. You can also find further information on roofingalliance.net.

Looking ahead

As the Roofing Alliance continues to champion advancements in education and training, it remains steadfast in its commitment to tackling the pressing workforce challenges confronting the roofing industry. To this end, the Roofing Alliance leadership has pledged to invest in two workforce development initiatives in the coming years aimed at providing sustainable solutions: SkillsUSA® and a proposed Roofing Industry Center.

During its recent board of trustees meeting, Roofing Alliance leadership committed $150,000 over three years to support NRCA’s SkillsUSA initiative. SkillsUSA is a partnership of educators and trade industries aimed at building a future skilled workforce. Students compete in a series of regional contests that culminate at a national championship contest. There are more than 330,000 active SkillsUSA students and teachers in the U.S. with more than 100,000 students graduating and entering the workforce annually.

“Supporting SkillsUSA initiatives isn’t just an investment in the future of the roofing industry; it’s a commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals who will shape its landscape,” says Steve Little, president of KPost Company, Dallas. “Empowering young talent is key to ensuring we have a pipeline of capable, trained workers.”

The Roofing Alliance also is setting its sights on developing a Roofing Industry Center. Recognizing the pivotal role of early career guidance, the center will launch initiatives that will engage students as early as middle school. The outreach will extend to high schools and two-year institutions, encompassing community colleges, technical schools and trade programs.

In addition to its recruitment efforts, the Roofing Industry Center will spearhead applied research initiatives aimed at enhancing roof system application methodologies, prioritizing safety and efficacy. By advancing the understanding of the industry’s environmental impact and its role in climate management, the Roofing Industry Center will aim to cultivate a generation of environmentally conscious professionals, drawing high school and college students to the industry.

A state-of-the-art facility at Clemson University is being considered to serve as the permanent home of the Roofing Industry Center. This facility will provide a dynamic learning environment equipped with the latest tools and technology.

By aligning its efforts with a clear visionary mission and harnessing the collective expertise and resources of its members, the Roofing Alliance stands ready to make significant strides not only this year but also well into the future. We hope you will join us on this journey. Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow for the roofing industry.

ALISON L. LAVALLEY, CAE, is executive director of the Roofing Alliance.


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