The unchanging contractor

Please note I have not addressed this letter to your executive vice president or your publisher. I have reason to believe they both are competent, but that has nothing to do with my comments concerning "The changing contractor," written by NRCA Executive Vice President Bill Good in the March issue, page 78.

Your executive vice president refers to NRCA's July 1957 board of directors meeting. I was there, and I do remember it (though not well). It was my first NRCA board meeting. For sure, let me tell you NRCA has changed dramatically. But do I believe contractors have changed?

Well, not really. The people who are NRCA participating contractors did have and still have most of the same qualities. They sincerely care about the industry and operating successful and professional businesses. They devote serious time to understanding industry problems and dealing with them in cooperation with fellow contractors. So they haven't changed much in this regard.

But: For sure, operating a business has changed—not that a successful roofing business could ever be operated casually. But our society now demands much more from successful businesses. All kinds of regulations are in place; more technical knowledge of roof system performance is required; and employee training and safety are mandated. I don't need to tell any contractor about these changes.