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SNAP-CLAD metal roof system: strength and performance

PAC-CLAD® | Petersen’s SNAP-CLAD metal roof system features architectural aesthetics and structural performance. SNAP-CLAD panels are leveled for superior flatness. PAC-CLAD 70% PVDF finish is covered by a nonprorated 30-year warranty. Panels are available in 46 colors on steel and aluminum. Most colors meet LEED,® ENERGY STAR® and cool roof certification requirements. For information about Petersen’s full product line, visit or call (800) PAC-CLAD.

Are you considering selling your roofing, sheet metal and/or HVAC business?

Join us. With a solid financial base, available capital and an appreciation for what’s already working in your business, our group has a solid track record of creating successful alliances. We can tailor the sale to meet your needs. If you have an interest, please email All responses will be kept confidential.

The electric material hoist is changing the game

The NEW Safety Hoist Company electric hoist series is the most innovative and user-friendly hoist on the market. Using a pendant control system, one can safely remove the operator from below the load deck. The electric hoist series is free of harmful gas emissions and draws 10 amps or less. Lightweight, portable and easier than ever before to set up—this is the lift for you! Learn more at

Velociflex roof systems protect against high winds!

Velociflex by Polyglass offers multiple installation and assembly options and has been independently tested for high-speed wind protection up to 270 pounds per square foot. This roof system consists of two plies of polymer-modified bitumen membranes. The base sheet is “loose-laid” and mechanically attached in the side laps, which allows for fast, efficient installation. Learn more at

Roof vacuums

Hurricane Roof Vacuums from Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corp. set the quality standard. We offer ballast stone, pea gravel and wet/dry up to 1,200 feet with maximum production and minimal maintenance. Hurricane vacuums load directly into a dump truck or dumpster. Start putting the rock-removal profits in your pockets. Lease or rent-to-own options available. Please contact us for more information at (800) 331-4832 or visit

Helicopter material transportation

Midwest Helicopter Airways has pioneered the lift business since 1968, specializing in precision load setting and rooftop equipment transportation. The S-58T aircraft is capable of transporting each load within minutes and has a 4,500-pound lift capacity. (One hundred lifts can be completed in about three hours.) Palletized roofing material, insulation, solar panels and rooftop units can be lifted with ease, saving you valuable time and labor. For more information, visit or call (800) 323-7609.

It’s not just what you know but who you know. You need to know Dave.

What is your true value? Would you just like to know what’s out there? Do you have estimating software experience? Don’t make a career change until you speak with Dave Peterson. Dave has helped hundreds of roofing professionals obtain better jobs, get the pay they deserve, get better working conditions and move up the career ladder. If you are considering a change, contact Dave at or (800) 269-7319, or visit All information is confidential; fees are paid by the employer.

Maintenance and repair roof flashing

Offering exceptional strength and elasticity, Mule-Hide Products’ Seal-Fast Repair Hero roof flashing is an all-system, allweather maintenance and repair product. A universal solution, the solvent-based, fiber-reinforced terpolymer sealant adheres to all roof substrates, including asphalt, polymer-modified bitumen, metal, TPO, EPDM, PVC, Kynar,® concrete, Elvaloy®/PVC, Hypalon® (CSPE) and polyisobutylene (PIB). Contact Mule-Hide Products at (800) 786-1492 or, or visit for more information.

SpeedStand speeds up jobs

Get more done on your jobs with efficient fall protection engineered to save worker labor. SpeedStands from Quicksilver Engineering set up instantly, are spaced 40 feet apart and meet OSHA requirements. The onepiece stands are made of durable welded steel with rubber pads to protect the roof membrane. To see why SpeedStand has been the industry standard for 18 years, call (800) 460-7579 or visit

High-performance roof cover board

Continuus Materials EVERBOARD ™ high-performance roof cover board is an extremely durable panel that delivers superior roof protection and resilience. Made from recycled plastic and fiber, EVERBOARD is Class A fire-rated and severe hail-resistant. It won’t make you itchy and doesn’t chip or crack during installation. Every 1,000 square feet of EVERBOARD diverts 2,000 pounds of packaging from landfills. See video testimonials about EVERBOARD projects at www

Great training from NRCA—new reduced pricing!

NRCA has reduced the price for its award-winning Training for Roof Application Careers! Now every roofing company can afford to use TRAC to train its new and inexperienced workers. There are five packages currently available: Foreman Management Training, Asphalt Shingle Installation, Thermoplastic Roof Membrane Installation, Steep-slope Onboarding and Low-slope Onboarding. Your one-time TRAC package purchase provides you with unlimited use of NRCA’s training materials—in English and Spanish—so you can train your employees whenever it’s best for you! To learn more and purchase NRCA’s TRAC packages, visit

Keep your roof cool with Polyfresko®

Featuring patented CURE Technology,® Polyfresko G cap sheets have a highly reflective granule surface that meets or exceeds most standards for cool roofing. CURE features an innovative thin-film technology attributing to Polyfresko’s exceptional granule retention, minimal staining, scuff resistance and ultraviolet stabilization for long-term durability and performance. Polyfresko G cap sheets are constructed with a superior nonwoven polyester reinforcement that provides flexibility and dimensional stability as well as excellent tear and puncture resistance. For more information, visit polyfresko-g.


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