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PAC-150: Great looks and performance

Petersen’s PAC-150 standing-seam metal roofing panels combine an attractive thin-rib profile with excellent structural performance. PAC-150 can be curved to a minimum radius of 10 feet, and panels are mechanically seamed in the field to either 90 or 180 degrees depending on uplift requirements. Panels are available in 45 colors (most meet LEED,® ENERGY STAR® and cool roof certification) with a 30-year nonprorated warranty. For Petersen’s full product line, visit

Are you considering selling your roofing, sheet metal and/or HVAC business?

Join us. With a solid financial base, available capital and an appreciation for what’s already working in your business, our group has a solid track record of creating successful alliances. We can tailor the sale to meet your needs. If you have an interest, please email All responses will be kept confidential.

Self-adhering tile and metal underlayment

Premium HT Metal & Tile™ is a new self-adhering underlayment introduced by MFM Building Products. This underlayment is composed of a high-grade, reinforced polyester fabric laminated to a high-temperature adhesive system rated to 250 F. It is intended to be used as a whole-roof underlayment for secondary water protection. The 60-mil underlayment comes with a 180-ultraviolet exposure rating and a 30-year warranty. Product currently meets ASTM D 1970, TAS 103-95 and Florida Building Code FL 11842 and is pending other approvals. To receive free samples, go to

NRCA ProCertification™ has launched

NRCA’s national certification initiative, NRCA ProCertification, has launched to help create a competent, sustainable and high-performing roofing industry workforce. Experienced workers who demonstrate substantial roofing skills and knowledge can become certified by NRCA in specific roof system applications. NRCA ProCertified installers and foremen receive national, professional recognition for their achievements and provide their companies with a significant competitive advantage. Show your commitment to quality, professionalism and your company’s future. Apply today! To learn more and apply, visit

Towable roofing conveyor

The E-ZLIFT® Towable Roofing Conveyor is a new product designed for fast and safe rooftop delivery of shingles, tile, brick and more. The electric or gas-powered conveyor features continuously revolving flights that deliver materials up to 25 feet high. The towable carriage system is freestanding and easily maneuverable at job sites that have restricted access. Standard features include an integrated towing hitch and detachable trailer lights for convenient conveyor transportation. Call (800) 821-9966 or visit today!

The NRCA Roofing Manual—2019 Boxed Set

One of the most widely recognized technical publications in the U.S. roofing industry, The NRCA Roofing Manual provides you with extensive information about the design, materials and installation techniques applicable to almost all roof systems. The manual also is a reliable reference material for state roofing contractor licensing exams. It contains the following four volumes: The NRCA Roofing Manual: Membrane Roof Systems—2019; The NRCA Roofing Manual: Architectural Metal Flashing and Condensation and Air Leakage Control—2018; The NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope Roof Systems—2017; and The NRCA Roofing Manual: Metal Panel and SPF Roof Systems—2016. For more information, visit or contact NRCA’s Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722) or

Add years of life to your roof with Garland’s LiquiTec™

Extend the life of your roof with Garland’s LiquiTec fluid-applied waterproofing system built to form a virtually impenetrable surface for years of added waterproofing protection. This two-component, 100% solids, aliphatic polyurea coating contains zero volatile organic compounds, is extremely low odor and cures quickly to form a highly durable, impact- and ultraviolet-resistant membrane over polymer-modified bitumen, metal and single-ply systems. LiquiTec can also be used as a repair material for maintenance applications and is easily applied by brush, roller and squeegee. Visit for more information.

SpeedStand speeds up jobs

Get more done on your jobs with efficient fall protection engineered to save worker labor. SpeedStands from Quicksilver Engineering set up instantly, are spaced 40 feet apart and meet OSHA requirements. The one-piece stands are made of durable welded steel with rubber pads to protect the roof membrane. To see why SpeedStand has been the industry standard for 18 years, call (800) 460-7579 or visit

Roof vacuuming services

RK Hydro-Vac Inc. provides a full line of roof vacuuming services for the industrial and commercial roofing industry. Services we offer include dry-vac, ballast removal, wet-vac and ballasting. We have multiple locations to serve you nationwide and more than 35 years of experience to professionally tackle your projects, small and large. Call (888) 493-7682, visit or find us in the Apple App Store under Roof Vac App.

It’s not just what you know but who you know. You need to know Dave.

What is your true value? Would you just like to know what’s out there? Do you have estimating software experience? Don’t make a career change until you speak with Dave Peterson. Dave has helped hundreds of roofing professionals obtain better jobs, get the pay they deserve, get better working conditions and move up the career ladder. If you are considering a change, contact Dave at or (800) 269-7319, or visit All information is confidential; fees are paid by the employer.

Exceptional training. Exceptional reward.

Does your in-house training program need a boost? Send one of your key employees to an upcoming NRCA Qualified Trainer Conference. NRCA’s leading instructors will help your trainer complete the presentation and coaching exercises he or she will need to earn the NRCA Qualified Trainer designation—a powerful credential and solid recruiting and retention tool for your company. The next conference is in Hayward, Calif., Nov. 6-7. Space is limited, so sign up today! For more information, visit or contact NRCA’s Customer Service Department at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722).

You’re invited!

Make plans to join us for NRLRC’s 40th Anniversary Seminar Sept. 18-21 in New York. This three-day learning experience will provide you with more than 13 hours of in-depth legal, technical and business information you can’t find anywhere else in addition to at least five great ideas you can implement immediately upon return to your office. You don’t want to miss it! For more information and to register, visit or contact the Legal Resource Center at (847) 299-9092.


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