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Roof vacuums

Hurricane Roof Vacuums from Industrial Vacuum Equipment Corp. set the quality standard. We offer ballast stone, pea gravel and wet/dry up to 1,200 feet with maximum production and minimal maintenance. Hurricane vacuums load directly into a dump truck or dumpster. Start putting the rock-removal profits in your pockets. Lease or rent-to-own options available. Please contact us for more information at (800) 331-4832 or visit

Towable roofing conveyor

The E-ZLIFT® Towable Roofing Conveyor is a new product designed for fast and safe rooftop delivery of shingles, tile, brick and more. The electric or gas-powered conveyor features continuously revolving flights that deliver materials up to 25 feet high. The towable carriage system is freestanding and easily maneuverable at job sites that have restricted access. Standard features include an integrated towing hitch and detachable trailer lights for convenient conveyor transportation. Call (800) 821-9966 or visit today!

It’s not just what you know but who you know. You need to know Dave.

What is your true value? Would you just like to know what’s out there? Do you have estimating software experience? Don’t make a career change until you speak with Dave Peterson. Dave has helped hundreds of roofing professionals obtain better jobs, get the pay they deserve, get better working conditions and move up the career ladder. If you are considering a change, contact Dave at or (800) 269-7319, or visit All information is confidential; fees are paid by the employer.

Maintenance and repair roof flashing

Offering exceptional strength and elasticity, Mule-Hide Products’ Seal-Fast Repair Hero roof flashing is an all-system, all-weather maintenance and repair product. A universal solution, the solvent-based, fiber-reinforced terpolymer sealant adheres to all roof substrates, including asphalt, polymer-modified bitumen, metal, TPO, EPDM, PVC, Kynar,® concrete, Elvaloy®/PVC, Hypalon® (CSPE) and polyisobutylene (PIB). Contact Mule-Hide Products at (800) 786-1492 or, or visit for more information.

Are you considering selling your roofing, sheet metal and/or HVAC business?

Join us. With a solid financial base, available capital and an appreciation for what’s already working in your business, our group has a solid track record of creating successful alliances. We can tailor the sale to meet your needs. If you have an interest, please email All responses will be kept confidential.

Northern Roof Tiles

For the past 28 years, Northern Roof Tiles has been importing the finest clay roof tiles from leading tile makers in Europe and around the world. All our tiles are Grade 1 and suitable for installation anywhere in North America. We offer handmade or handcrafted shingle tiles as well as a full lineup of Mission-style tiles. Northern Roof Tiles also has a range of high-tech interlocking tiles in many profiles and colors, including glaze, all at competitive pricing. For more information, please visit or call (888) 678-6866.


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