NRCA Resources

Each month, this section will provide information about NRCA programs, products and events. Leadership and staff lists will appear in the June and December issues.

NRCA leadership

Executive Committee


Reid Ribble
The Ribble Group Inc.
Kaukauna, Wis.

Senior vice president

Mark Gaulin
Jessup, Md.

Vice presidents—two-year term

Luis Fernandez
Vice president
Roof Decks of Puerto Rico Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

T. Allen Lancaster Jr.
Metalcrafts Inc.
Savannah, Ga.

William Taylor
Chief executive officer
D.C. Taylor Co.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Vice presidents—one-year term

Robert Bueche
Pioneer Roofing Co.

Lawrence T. Reardon
Enterprise Roofing Service Inc.
Concord, Calif.

Kent Schwickert
Schwickert's Inc.
Mankato, Minn.

Immediate former president

Dane Bradford
Bradford Roof Management
Billings, Mont.

Board of Directors
Three-year term

Brad Beldon
President/chief executive officer
Beldon Roofing Co.
San Antonio

Billy Cone
RoofTech Roofing & Sheet Metal
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Thomas Dessent
Secretary of corporation
Dessent Roofing Co. Inc.

Sandy Farrell
Farrell Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Inc.

W. Douglas Fields
Senior vice president
Certified Roofing Systems
Bladensburg, Md.

Will Fort III
Fort Roofing & Sheet Metal Works Inc.
Sumter, S.C.

Thomas Furey
Furey Roofing & Construction Co. Inc.
Providence, R.I.

James Giese
Jim Giese Commercial Roofing Inc.
Dubuque, Iowa

William F. Hamlin Jr.
Hamlin Roofing Co. Inc.
Garner, N.C.

Edward Lundin
Vice president
Lundin Roofing Co. LLC
Port Allen, La.

Kyle Thomas
Vice president
Thomas Roofing Co. Inc.
Mobile, Ala.

Two-year term

Scott Baxter
Vice president
CRS of Monroe Inc.
Monroe, N.C.

Barbara Dalsin
M & S Roofing Inc.
Blaine, Minn.

Leticia Elias
Aztec Roofing & Sheetmetal Corp.

Christopher Jurin
Vice president
Jurin Roofing Services Inc.
Quakertown, Pa.

Bruce McCrory
Kiker Corp.
Mobile, Ala.

Rob McReynolds
D & D Roofing Inc.
Commerce City, Colo.

Donald M. Miller II
Owner/chief executive officer
Donald M. Miller Roofing Co.
Uniontown, Pa.

Richard Nugent
Nations Roof LLC
Bridgeport, Conn.

Terrence Smith
Battlefield Roofing Co.
Gainesville, Va.

Keith Swope
Tampa Roofing Co.
Tampa, Fla.

Robert Therrien Jr.
The Melanson Co. Inc.
Keene, N.H.

Kent Tolley
Vice president
Quality Tile Roofing Inc.
Boise, Idaho

One-year term

Lindy Cutrona
Principal manager
General Works Inc. LLC
Orange City, Fla.

Robert Daly Jr.
Kaw Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
Kansas City, Kan.

Timothy Davey
Vice president
DRI Commercial
Irvine, Calif.

Ed Gallos
Master Roofing Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Michael Gustafson
Gustafson Industries Inc.
Boynton Beach, Fla.

Michael Herlihy III
Vice president/senior project manager
Olsson Roofing Co. Inc.
Aurora, Ill.

Alex Hernandez
Vice president
Clark Roofing Co.
Broadview, Ill.

Philip McKinney
Chief executive officer
Evans Service Co. Inc.
Elmira, N.Y.

Thomas Miller
Chief operating officer
The Zero Co.
Louisville, Ky.

Tim Rainey
Supreme Systems Inc.

Christopher Sears
Vice president
John F. Shea Co. Inc.
Mattapan, Mass.

Lisa Sprick
Vice president
Sprick Roofing Co. Inc.
Corvallis, Ore.

Rick Steinrock
American Roofing & Metal Co. Inc.
Louisville, Ky.

David Tilsen
Tilsen Roofing Co. Inc.
Madison, Wis.

Manuals, videos and CD-ROMS

NRCA offers the following products for sale. For more information or to place an order, visit; fax (847) 299-1183; or call InfoExpress at (866) ASK-NRCA (275-6722).

The NRCA Waterproofing Manual provides current information about design and installation of waterproofing assemblies. The manual, which complements The NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual, Fifth Edition, includes information about waterstops; proper design; flashings; slope and drainage; warranties and more. The manual also is available on CD-ROM and contains an AutoCAD version of the details.

The EnergyWise Roof Calculator is a software application that allows you to construct virtual roof assemblies to evaluate thermal efficiency and estimate energy costs. It also offers minimum thermal insulation requirements.

The 2005-06 NRCA Steep-slope Roofing Materials Guide is a 248-page guide that contains information about asphalt, tile, slate, wood and other steep-slope roofing materials. Compiled from information provided by 46 manufacturers and 425 steep-slope products, it also includes detailed descriptions; ASTM International test results and building code approvals; manufacturer-reported wind and fire ratings; and comparative data.

Employment Law: A Legal Guide for Roofing Contractors provides an overview of the federal laws most applicable to roofing contractors' businesses, as well as considerations for managing a business as the law requires. The guide includes information about employment relationships, such as immigration issues, the hiring process, union issues and performance evaluations.

NRCA ProWriter is a software program for writing customized proposals that offers more than 16 preformatted proposals. The program includes The NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manual, Fifth Edition, and the NRCA EnergyWise Roof Calculator and prepares proposals for repairs, replacements, maintenance programs and more. It also offers eight hours of technical support.

The NRCA Roofing Safety Resource CD is a CD-ROM based on the NRCA Safety Manual that allows contractors to develop safety programs, access resources and training materials, and manage safety-related issues. NRCA's Pocket Guide to Safety and job-hazard assessment checklists are included.

Produced by NRCA and the Metal Construction Association, Mastering the Craft: The Essentials of Metal Roof Systems is a video program that will introduce your roofing crews to the fundamentals of installing metal roof systems.

Upcoming NRCA events


China Roofing & Waterproofing 2005
Shanghai, China
Contact: Olicia Hinojosa
(847) 299-9070, Ext. 7586


NRCA's Midyear Meetings
Contact: Michelle Iniguez
(847) 299-9070, Ext. 7544

Ask the Expert—Legal Eagles: Top Industry Legal Issues
Contact: Janice Davis
(847) 299-9070, Ext. 7505


Ask the Expert—Risk Rap: Fall Protection Dos and Don'ts
Contact: Janice Davis
(847) 299-9070, Ext. 7505


NRCA's Fall Committee Meetings and Legislative Conference
Washington, D.C.
Contact: Michelle Iniguez
(847)299-9070, Ext. 7544

For Foremen Only, Level One
Contact: Janice Davis
(847) 299-9070, Ext. 7505


National Roofing Legal Resource Center Seminar
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Contact: Alison LaValley
(847) 299-9070, Ext. 7573

Additional information about upcoming NRCA events can be found at NRCA's Web site,

NRCA staff directory

All NRCA staff can be accessed by calling (800) 323-9545 and asking for the applicable extension.

General operations

William Good, executive vice president
Ext. 7521

Chrystine Hanus, executive assistant
Ext. 7522

Esther Woods, operations coordinator
Ext. 7517

Communications and Professional Roofing

Carl Good, associate executive director and publisher of Professional Roofing
Ext. 7543

Ambika Puniani Bailey, director of communications and editor of Professional Roofing
Ext. 7555

Paul Gerwen, creative director
Ext. 7519

Jeff Jarvis, director of advertising
Ext. 7512

Laura Lewis, director of Web-site development
Ext. 7560

Chris Casey, advertising sales manager
Ext. 7530

Joan Kriete, circulation and production manager
Ext. 7524

Krista Reisdorf, manager of communications and associate editor of Professional Roofing
Ext. 7531

Midge Sauer, manager of desktop publishing
Ext. 7550

Candice Thomas, communications assistant
Ext. 7527


Tom Shanahan, associate executive director
Ext. 7538

John Schehl, director of training
Ext. 7503

Peter Greenbaum, manager of education programs
Ext. 7578

Sarah Gough, education contract sales manager
Ext. 7507

Jeanne Schehl, education program development manager
Ext. 7566

Michelle Scott, education assistant manager
Ext. 7534

Mary Ann Evanoff, part-time assistant
Ext. 7533


Harry Ryder, associate executive director
Ext. 7545

Enrica Burian, payroll manager
Ext. 7585

Jackie Arroyo, administrative assistant
Ext. 7516

Diana Maggio-Gumushian, administrative assistant
Ext. 7546

Government Relations

Craig Brightup, vice president
Ext. 7597

Jim McIntosh, director of public affairs
Ext. 7599

R. Craig Silvertooth, director of federal affairs
Ext. 7598

Information Technology

Paul Apostolos, associate executive director
Ext. 7526

Mike Hanley, MIS director
Ext. 7536

Nathan Hanley, network administrator
Ext. 7535


Olicia Hinojosa, manager of international relations and contractor management
Ext. 7586


Guillermo Gonzalez, general manager
+52 81 8676-3769

NRCA Europe

Frank Louwers, European representative
+32 475 43 5757

Marketing and InfoExpress

Alison LaValley, associate executive director
Ext. 7573

Anne Schroeder, manager of InfoExpress
Ext. 7547

Therese Brennan, InfoExpress and human-resources assistant
Ext. 7559

Maureen Davies, marketing assistant
Ext. 7523

Jamie Caifa, receptionist
Ext. 0

Tracy Cory, mailroom fulfillment coordinator
Ext. 7525

Tony Cortez, service center coordinator
Ext. 7552

Meetings and Convention

Bennett Judson, associate executive director
Ext. 7513

Michelle Iniguez, administrative assistant
Ext. 7539

Membership Development

Carl Good, associate executive director
Ext. 7543

Jeff Jarvis, director of membership
Ext. 7512

Chris Casey, manager of membership development
Ext. 7530

Lenora Vasilopoulos, manager of membership development
Ext. 7590

Cheryl Anderson, membership development coordinator
Ext. 7537

Kathy Christides, assistant manager of membership development
Ext. 7540

Judy Meyer, membership marketing coordinator
(914) 944-4466

National Roofing Foundation

Bennett Judson, executive director
Ext. 7513

Michelle Iniguez, administrative assistant
Ext. 7539

Risk Management

Tom Shanahan, associate executive director
Ext. 7538

Harry Dietz, director of risk management
Ext. 7502

Janice Davis, manager of risk management
Ext. 7505

Leslie Kazmierowski, insurance programs manager
Ext. 7508

Mary Ann Evanoff, part-time assistant
Ext. 7533

National Roofing Legal Resource Center

Alison LaValley, executive director
Ext. 7573

Anne Schroeder, manager
Ext. 7547

Technical services

Mark Graham, associate executive director
Ext. 7511

Tom Bollnow, senior director of technical services
Ext. 7518

Jim Kirby, senior director of technical services
Ext. 7570

Chuck Sislo, senior director of technical services
Ext. 7529

Joan Crowe, manager of technical services
Ext. 7576

Carol Maggio, manager of technical services
Ext. 7574


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