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Accessories improve convenience

Chem Link Inc. now includes newly shaped foil containers and a 4-inch nozzle for its 1-Part™ Pourable Sealant in every package of its ChemCurb™ Penetration Seal System.

The half-gallon foil containers are shorter and wider and can sit upright when taken out of the package, and the new nozzle can be replaced with the original cap for reuse. The accessories reportedly make it easier to use and pour 1-Part Pourable Sealant.

The new containers still are packaged four per carton or four per rigid plastic field pack. 1-Part Pourable Sealant is available in gray or white to match the ChemCurbs and is available in two cartridge sizes and a 5-gallon pail, and the 28-ounce tube has been changed from foil to plastic.

Telephone: (800) 826-1681

Base coats provide resistance

National Coatings Corp. has expanded its quick-set top coat product line to include two high-performance quick-set base coats—AcryShield A602 and AcryShield A603.

Both base coats reportedly allow contractors to begin roofing jobs when they typically would have to wait for drier weather conditions and, as long as the contractor selects the appropriate base coat, can be applied to almost any roof substrate.

Telephone: (800) 423-9557

Vegetative roof system is versatile

Firestone Building Products Co. LLC has introduced SkyScape,™ a vegetative roof system featuring a patented double-interlocking tray design.

SkyScape reportedly provides an insulating layer, which makes building heating and cooling more efficient; protects roofing materials from ultraviolet and heat stress degradation; and extends the underlying roof system's service life.

SkyScape is available in a modular tray or multilayered system and is said to be designed to promote healthy plant growth. Both designs feature a protective root barrier; drainage and filtration layers; water-retention reservoir for storm water metering; growing media; and plants. SkyScape also reportedly can accommodate an irrigation system. Plants can be installed from pre-planted trays, vegetative plugs or sedum tile mats or can be hydroplanted with cuttings or seeds.

Firestone Building Products also has introduced SkyPaver™ composite roof pavers and SkyDrain™ drainage mats to complement SkyScape.

The SkyPaver system features interlocking roof pavers made from an engineered blend of 90 to 95 percent post-consumer recycled materials; the pavers are said to be lightweight.

Telephone: (800) 428-4442

Face mask is flame-resistant

Ergodyne has added the N-Ferno® 6825 Nomex Fleece Balaclava to its N-Ferno Warming Products Line. The balaclava reportedly is flame-resistant and provides warmth for roofing workers in cold conditions.

Telephone: (800) 225-8238

Tiles reduce pollution

MonierLifetile LLC, a Boral Roofing company, has launched SMOG-EATING Tile, a new line of roof tile.

SMOG-EATING Tile incorporates titanium dioxide to break down and reduce the environmental effects of nitrogen oxide molecules, which cause air pollution and smog. The tiles contain a specially prepared catalyst embedded in the upper part of the tile body that, when exposed to sunlight, speeds up the oxidation process.

The catalytic properties of SMOG-EATING Tile reportedly are long-lasting and environmentally friendly and destroy organic substances, such as organic dirt and algae, that can contact tile. The organic substances then can be rinsed off by rain.

Telephone: (800) 669-8453


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