New Ideas

Shingle colors are customizable

BP Building Products of Canada has introduced Signature, a line of nature-inspired multitoned shingles.

To cater to regional consumer preferences, Signature shingles are offered in 12 colors in the East and 10 in the West. Additionally, BP Chroma Color Lab has introduced Profusio™ design patterns, which allow for customization by merging two Signature shades and alternating them over successive rows to create a third color that produces a complementary or contrasting visual effect.

With a reported FM 4473 Class 3 impact-resistance rating, Signature shingles also provide protection against blow-offs and wind-driven rain using Weather-Tite® Plus Technology featuring the Hurricane Band.®

Metal roofing is symmetrical

McElroy Metal has made available the Trap-Tee symmetrical metal roof system, a site-formed, mechanically seamed system measuring 2 3/4 inches tall.

Offered with Sherwin-Williams PVDF Fluropon coating, Trap-Tee is designed to resolve common shortcomings of trapezoidal standing-seam roof systems. The oversized seam and special clips increase wind-uplift capacity; site forming eliminates end laps vulnerable to leaking; and the symmetrical design allows for simple repairs. Standard clips are 16 gauge and 8 inches long; super clips are 16 gauge and 16 inches long.

Solar program generates proposals

EagleView has introduced SolarReady,™ a solution designed to help solar contractors better identify and acquire viable residential properties for potential solar installations, including detailed visualizations and photovoltaic system production modeling. The solution also provides estimated electrical production and system efficiency to help inform project value and determine return on investment.

SolarReady features include API-driven efficiency to generate solar data; data analytics and imagery to give insight into a property’s solar potential; and near-instant proposal generation.

Additional data can be unlocked as a homeowner moves through the prospect phase, including quotes, solar potential visualizations and potential system modifications. The ability to unlock data allows contractors to reduce upfront costs.

Waterproofing membrane is compatible

Tarco has introduced the LeakBarrier® BG700 modified bituminous membrane for waterproofing applications and the LeakBarrier FS500HT, a self-adhering modified bitumen underlayment for metal roofing applications.

With a tear-resistant facer, the LeakBarrier BG700 membrane also features a cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene film layer for waterproofing protection.

A specially formulated rubberized asphalt compound features a pliable shield said to self-seal around fasteners. The surface film is compatible with most construction sealants. The membrane adheres to concrete, plywood, oriented strand board, metal, wood, vinyl, masonry, certain rigid insulations and insulated concrete forms, as well as a range of other substrates, including “below-grade” waterproofing applications. The membrane also is said to ensure a uniform layer of waterproofing extending across the entire surface.

Designed to prevent leaks caused by ice and water damming and wind-driven rain, the LeakBarrier FS500HT is effective in critical roofing areas, including chimneys, coping joints, dormers, skylights, ridges, valleys and vents.

The underlayment is composed of a specially formulated rubberized asphaltic adhesive compound that withstands temperatures up to 250 F and a high-strength, cross-laminated polyolefinic film to provide skid resistance.

A HDPE layer also reinforces the 35-mil-thick rubberized asphaltic adhesive. With a watertight lap seam, the self-adhering compound is said to bond with the film surface even in cold conditions.

Tool pouch clips on belt

Ergodyne has made available the Arsenal 5568 Tool Pouch with Device Holsters, a multitool pouch that clips on the user’s belt loop.

Made with abrasion-resistant ripstop polyester, the tool pouch features four pockets varying in size to fit small hand tools or personal items such as zip ties, box cutters or cell phones. The pouch’s side also has two D-rings for lanyards or glove clips. A belt loop on the back of the pouch is said to easily secure around belt loops or carts, equipment and fixtures.


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