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Shingles provide wind resistance

TAMKO® Building Products Inc. has introduced Heritage® IR shingles, which are made with a double-layer fiberglass mat and nonwoven polyester fabric reinforcement. The mat layers are coated with asphalt, laminated together and surfaced with mineral granules. A self-sealing asphalt strip reportedly helps provide wind resistance.

Heritage IR shingles are for roof deck applications with slopes no less than 2 inches per foot. The shingles are 13 1/4 by 39 3/8 inches and available in classic Heritage colors—olde English pewter, rustic black, rustic cedar and weathered wood—and America's Natural colors—natural timber and thunderstorm grey.

In addition, the company has introduced Tam-Shield Synthetic Underlayment, which reportedly is lightweight and strong. The underlayment is printed with lay lines and guides, which indicate where to install cap nails, and nail guides for high-wind installation. It is available in 5- or 10-square rolls and is light gray, which provides a cool working surface during installation.

TAMKO Building Products also has introduced EverGrain® Envision™ bonded composite deck board screws. The screws are part of a complete system solution for installing Envision composite deck materials and reportedly add strength and stability to composite deck installation.

The screw's leading edge head is designed to cut cleanly through the board surface to provide a smooth finish and small reveal. Also, a T-20 star drive offers more points of contact to prevent screwdrivers from slipping out of the screw head and eliminate excessive wear on the screw head and bit. The trilobular shank is said to reduce material displacement and reduce torque on the screw for easier drive, and the sharp thread profile drives through the board while the reverse thread design at the top captures displaced material and increases pull-down power.

EverGrain Envision screws are available in various colors, including greywood, rustic walnut, shaded auburn and spiced teak.

Additionally, the company has added four colors to its Marquee™ Railing System line. The colors—cappuccino, dark walnut, burgundy wood and shadow grey—are designed to complement TAMKO Building Products' EverGrain and EverGrain Envision composite deck series.

The colors are made with a durable co-extruded formulation to create a low-sheen, authentic wood appearance.

Telephone: (800) 641-4691

Company introduces insulation adhesives

GenFlex Roofing Systems has introduced its GenFlex ISO Bond™ Insulation Adhesive and GenFlex One Step™ Insulation Adhesive.

GenFlex ISO Bond Insulation Adhesive is a two-component spray polyurethane foam adhesive applied in beads. GenFlex One Step Insulation Adhesive is an elastic, chemical curing insulation adhesive designed to adhere various roof insulations to approved decks. The adhesives attach approved roof insulation to specific deck types. They are low-volatile organic compound adhesives and compatible with a variety of roof systems, cover boards, roof decks and substrates.

Telephone: (800) 443-4272

Fall-arrest system features permanent anchors

Safety Anchor Fall Equipment LLC has introduced its HitchClip® anchor whole-house fall-arrest system. The system provides quick-connect permanent hookup points for fall-arrest harness lanyards with production staging platforms for tools and materials. The anchors are 4.4 ounces, low-profile and applied as permanent safety anchors for future maintenance and repair.

HitchClip is available in three colors—black, brown and gray—and features a full line of accessories, including Safety Anchor Fall Equipment's Roof Jack work tool platform and Bunk Jack, which can store materials and be used as a rooftop work bench.

Telephone: (888) 780-2845

Single-ply roof system accessories are available

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. has introduced its new line of edge metal and accessories for single-ply roof systems. The line includes a complete assortment of metal edge detail products, drainage systems, scuppers, collector boxes, pitch pans and roof accessories.

The products reportedly are designed for quick and easy installation, which eliminates the need for on-site metal fabrication and helps contractors increase their productivity and reduce labor costs. Features include prepunched holes and prenotched grooves and lap joints. Products are available in 29 Kynar® metal finish colors and several specialized metals, including .040 and .050 aluminum Kynar finish; .040 and .050 aluminum mill finish; 16-ounce copper; 24-gauge stainless steel; and 24-gauge paintable steel. TPO- and PVC-coated products also are available.

Telephone: (800) 786-1492

Shingles resemble wood shake

GAF has added Grand Sequoia® IR and Sienna™ shingles to its Lifetime Shingles line.

Grand Sequoia IR Shingles are a Class 4, impact-resistant version of GAF's Grand Sequoia Lifetime Designer Shingles. They feature oversized tabs and resemble wood shake.

Sienna Lifetime Designer Shingles feature a diamond-shaped design and are available in four custom colors.

Telephone: (973) 628-3000

Colors added to shingle product line

Owens Corning has added a collection of Artisan colors to its Oakridge® Shingle product line. The new colors—aged cedar, flagstone, peppermill gray, sand castle and twilight black—provide enhanced color contrast and pronounced shadow lines for curb appeal and place emphasis on regional color preference.

Telephone: (800) GET-PINK (438-7465)

Membrane features dual-compound technology

Polyglass® U.S.A. Inc. has introduced Polyreflect,® a polymer-modified bitumen membrane. Polyreflect is a self-adhering, white reflective cap sheet and features a tri-laminate film surface. It features ADESO® Technology, a dual-compound technology using an APP or SBS formulation on the top side and a self-adhering formulation on the bottom side of the reinforcement.

Additionally, Polyglass U.S.A. has improved the technology used on its products that feature a selvage edge film, including Polyflex,® Polyflex G and Polystick® IR-Xe. The improvement reportedly will provide the products with a stronger seal; provide a faster, more efficient heat-weld application; and provide a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing selvage edge on the products.

Telephone: (800) 222-9782

Roof board is environmentally friendly

USG Corp. has introduced SECUROCK® Cement Roof Board, a durable, sustainable and high-performance roof board for use on low-slope roof systems.

Because of its low weight, which reduces embodied energy emissions, SECUROCK Cement Roof Board is environmentally friendly. The mold-resistant cover board can be used with a variety of membranes and systems, including fully adhered and mechanically attached systems, and it also is ideal for applications, such as liquid-applied membranes and cold mastic polymer-modified bitumen.

Telephone: (800) USG4YOU (874-4968)

Sealant resists mildew

Novagard Solutions has introduced Nova-flex® Metal Roof Sealant for commercial and residential metal roofing applications. Nova-flex is a specially engineered silicone metal roof sealant that is ultraviolet- and mildew-resistant and cures in as little as 24 hours.

Telephone: (800) 380-0138


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