New Ideas

Tool measures all parapet surfaces

Metal-Era® and Hickman Edge Systems have released the Falcon Roof Measurement Tool. The tool is designed to expedite the process of measuring a roof’s perimeter and assembling a quote, as well as improve roof material delivery and installation. The Falcon Roof Measurement Tool features a hybrid clamping device that measures all parapet surfaces to within thousandths of an inch and tenths of a degree. Radius, miters, transitions, end walls and other difficult details can be measured, and a road map of the roof is rendered in real time to the Falcon Roof Measurement Tool app. The output reportedly reads like a shop drawing with a bill of materials. The roof drawing can be color-coded and labeled to match product shipment, reducing installation time and errors. Photos of roof details also can be used for quoting and fabrication.

Base sheets resist punctures and tears

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. has introduced Shur-Gard #40 Base Sheet and F/G Base Sheet for steep-slope roof systems. Made from felt saturated with asphalt, Shur-Gard #40 Base Sheet is said to be ideal for use in warm, arid climates. It can be used as the felt layer in shingle and tile roof systems and is compatible with steel, concrete and wood roof decks. Made from an inorganic fiberglass mat coated with a weathering-grade oxidized asphalt blend, F/G Base Sheet is durable and can be used as the felt layer in shingle roof systems. It is compatible with steel, concrete and wood roof decks. F/G Base Sheet also can be used as a vapor retarder when coated with a solid mopping of asphaltic material or installed under roof insulation or between multiple layers of insulation. Both base sheets reportedly offer enhanced pliability and dimensional stability, are wrinkle-resistant for easy installation, and resist punctures and tears.

Lens coatings resist fog

Brass Knuckle® has made available eyewear with its BK-Anti-FOG and BK-Anti-FOG+ coatings said to provide enhanced anti-fog performance, improving worker safety and productivity. BK-Anti-FOG offers a long-lasting, fog-free view in hot and humid conditions. Washable and durable, the coating allows lenses to come into balance with temperature fluctuations to prevent fogging. BK-Anti-FOG+ is a premium anti-fog coating said to protect against fogging for four minutes longer than similar products. BK-Anti-FOG and BK-Anti-FOG+ are available on a variety of Brass Knuckle protective eyewear products.

Underlayment has nail gasketing technology

Westlake Royal Building Products™ has introduced SwiftGuard,™ a synthetic roof underlayment designed for use with steel, tile, shingle and shake steep-slope roof systems. The underlayment features a high grip backing and nonwoven thermally embossed fiber face for increased deck grab and walkability. SwiftGuard’s nail-gasketing technology reportedly helps ensure roof systems are better able to withstand the elements in all climates and seasons. Because of its nail-gasketing technology, ultraviolet resistance and thermal stability, the underlayment can be left uncovered for up to six months without degradation. SwiftGuard is available in 10-square (1,000-foot) rolls that weigh 35.5 pounds. Identifiable lay lines and fastening markers also are said to enable quick, easy installation.

Messaging platform is automated

Modernize Home Services has made available Connect, an automated messaging platform designed to help contractors follow up and engage with homeowners before, during and after projects. Connect assists contractors by automating the process of following up with initial sales leads, as well as facilitating ongoing communications. Contractors reportedly can use Connect to set follow-up messages for specific times and tailor messages for appointments, estimates, contract signings, deposits and project scheduling. Messages can be sent via text, email or phone call. Connect features built-in integrations with popular home improvement websites, as well as custom integrations for online ratings and review sites. Homeowner satisfaction can be monitored throughout a project, and positive reviews can be encouraged after project completion.

Impact wrenches are lightweight

DEWALT® has added two 20V MAX XR 1/2-inch mid-range cordless impact wrenches to its line of 20V MAX tools: DCF891 with a hog ring anvil and DCF892 with a detent pin anvil. Each impact wrench delivers up to 600 foot-pounds of maximum fastening torque and 800 foot-pounds of maximum breakaway torque when power is needed in compact spaces. The impacts are designed with a Precision Wrench feature said to improve user control and help prevent overtightening in forward mode and run-off in reverse mode. The lightweight design reportedly allows users to complete a variety of applications.


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