New Ideas

Vent maximizes airflow

InOvate has made available its DryerJack® Model 477 designed to maximize dryer exhaust system efficiency and safety. Manufactured with Galvalume® steel for durability, the vent features a seamless hood said to provide enhanced protection from the elements. A large opening and lighter Galvalume curved damper reportedly improve airflow efficiency, and rear placement of the vent passageway allows a dryer to safely operate at peak performance. The vent’s larger opening also provides easy cleaning and maintenance access. DryerJack Model 477 is available in three powder-coated colors.

Shingles are cold-weather pliable

CertainTeed has introduced Landmark® ClimateFlex® algae-resistant shingles. The shingles combine the beauty of wood shake roofing with the durability of polymer-modified asphalt. ClimateFlex technology blends rubberizing polymers with asphalt to create a long-lasting product said to be Class 4 impact-resistant with enhanced granule adhesion. Landmark ClimateFlex shingles also have cold-weather pliability, enabling contractors to install the shingles during cold weather. The shingles are available in six colors.

Safety glasses have anti-fog lenses

Brass Knuckle® has introduced its Brass Knuckle Spectrum™ (BKFLEX-4040N) safety glasses said to enhance a user’s comfort. Bowed, flexible rubber temples touch a wearer only behind the ears, eliminating contact with pressure points for comfort. A PivotEase™ nosepiece can slide up and down and pivots on a hinge for a secure fit. The safety glasses also feature N-FOG™ anti-fog lens protection that permanently bonds to lenses and does not wear or wash off. Brass Knuckle Spectrum safety glasses reportedly are scratch-resistant and protect against ultraviolet rays. The safety glasses are available with clear, smoke or amber lenses. Smoke lenses are tinted for normal outdoor conditions, and amber lenses provide greater clarity in low-light conditions.

Coating protects against germs

Microban® International and Everbrite Inc.

have made available CrobialCoat,™ an innovative coating that combines Microban antimicrobial technology and Everbrite ProtectaClear® to provide invisible surface protection. CrobialCoat is a durable, clear adhesive coating said to provide long-lasting protection against rust, salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation on most surfaces. Microban antimicrobial technology is designed to inhibit microbial growth on highly polished or matte metals, ceramics, hard plastics and hardwoods. It works at a cellular level to continually disrupt the growth and reproduction of microorganisms that contaminate a surface by damaging the proteins, cell membranes, DNA and internal systems of microbes. CrobialCoat reportedly is ideal for high-touch environments in home and commercial settings, including schools, hospitals, dining and hospitality venues, and restrooms.

Data dashboard helps protect workers

Kenzen™ has added a data and analytics dashboard to its smart personal protective equipment solutions. The dashboard captures workers’ core body temperatures, productivity and microclimates caused by clothing during work performed in hot, humid weather. Tens of thousands of data points are collected per worker per day from a Kenzen wearable device that tracks physiological factors, including core temperature and heart rate. In 2020, Kenzen unveiled a monitoring device and mobile app that alerts workers when they are at risk of heat stress and when to stop work and rest. The hardware and app now can work together to feed data to the dashboard. The dashboard reportedly provides insight into how various environments affect workers and can help guide management in the implementation of changes to keep workers safer, including tailoring work and rest schedules and identifying PPE clothing with the least impact on worker performance.

Device prevents ladder slippage

Ladder Safety Rest has made available its Ladder Safety Rest device designed to make ladder use safer for residential and commercial roofing contractors and protect roof systems from damage. Weighing 11 pounds and made from high-quality 300 flex steel, the device secures to a roof with a plate held by screws. A ladder fits between the device’s hand grips and is held in place with a strong, durable safety chain. Once secured in place, a ladder reportedly won’t slip from side to side, collapse or slide down vertically. In addition to protecting a user, the Ladder Safety Rest prevents roof system damage by keeping the weight of a ladder off shingles and gutters. The angle of the device’s base plate to the ladder can be set to fit low- or steep-slope roof systems or attach to a vertical wall.


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