New Ideas

Test membranes with leak detection equipment

Detec Systems Detec Systems has announced its IntegriScan™ Electronic Leak Detection testing equipment received approval under FM Approval’s new leak detection product classification. IntegriScan equipment is used in conjunction with TruGround® Conductive Primer to detect breaches, holes and seam voids in conventional roof assemblies. Low-voltage IntegriScan equipment features a scanning platform said to test nonconductive and semiconductive horizontal membranes. Semiconductive membranes include black EPDM, cold fluid-applied coatings containing carbon black and membranes with high moisture contents. IntegriScan also includes a roller apparatus used for testing nonconductive vertical surfaces such as walls, transitions and details.

Impact-driver bits resist breakage

Spyder® has made available its Mach-Blue™ Impact-Driver Bits featuring Mach-Blue Tough Tip™ technology. Designed to resist cam-out, twisting and breakage, Mach-Blue driver bits reportedly last longer than standard impact-rated driver bits. Mach-Blue plating strengthens the bits’ drive surfaces and protects against corrosion. In addition, Spyder’s IMPACTive™ alloy tool steel and torsion zones flex to dissipate peak impact forces during use. The iridescent blue driver bits can be used in high-torque impacting drivers and conventional rotary drills with three-jaw chucks. Mach-Blue Impact-Driver Bits currently are available in a 25-piece kit, which includes Phillips, slotted, star and square bits, and a 30-piece kit, which includes additional sizes and nut-driver bits.

Conduit clamp is adjustable

S-5! has introduced CanDuit,™ an electrical conduit clamp for metal roof systems. The clamp secures chases and raceways, cable trays, gas piping, condensate lines and other round objects to metal roofs in combination with S-5! clamps or brackets. Made from electro-zinc-coated steel, the CanDuit clamp features two halves that clamp around a pipe or conduit with an EPDM liner pad said to protect against abrasion and a threaded M8 stud that allows for attachment without scratching or corrosion. Each clamp is adjustable to ensure a secure fit. Available in 14 sizes, the CanDuit clamp can be used in residential and commercial settings for a variety of applications, including electrical, solar and plumbing.

Metal-to-wood screws resist backout

Triangle Fastener Corp. has made available its PANEL-TITE® BURR BUSTER® Metal-to-Wood screws with ZAC® (zinc alloy cast) heads. The ZAC head reportedly eliminates galvanic corrosion between the head of the screw and a panel and resists corrosion in harsh environments. PANEL-TITE BURR BUSTER screws are said to penetrate quickly, minimize burrs and resist backout. The shank of the screw is protected with TRI-SEAL® 1,000-hour salt-spray coating for enhanced corrosion protection. The screws are compatible with aluminum- and zinc-coated steel such as GALVALUME® and ZINCALUME® and can be used with aluminum panels and trim.

Safety glasses for tough conditions

Brass Knuckle® has added Midnight (BKDST-1050AFP) Safety Glasses to its eyewear product offerings. Designed to handle all tough work conditions, Midnight Safety Glasses feature a removable gasket made of EVA foam to protect a user’s eyes from dust, flexible SideShield ear pieces for wraparound protection and BK-Anti-FOG+ lens coating. The safety glasses reportedly provide 99.99% ultraviolet protection and resist abrasion and chemicals.

Sliding platform extends truck bed

DECKED® has introduced CargoGlide, a heavy-duty sliding bed platform for trucks and vans. CargoGlide is said to make loading and unloading, organizing and accessing gear from the back of a vehicle easier and more efficient. Capable of extending the end of a bed by more than 100%, CargoGlide rolls outward from a locked position with the pull of a lever. Made from powder-coated steel and industrial plywood coated with a thermoplastic top sheet, CargoGlide is durable and easy to install with the provided hardware. CargoGlide is available for most full-size and midsize trucks and cargo vans.


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