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Accessories are pressure-sensitive

Carlisle SynTec Inc. has added Sure-White™ Pressure-Sensitive Cured Cover Strips and 20-inch-wide Pressure-Sensitive Curb Wraps to its line of Sure-White EPDM Pressure-Sensitive Accessories.

Sure-White Pressure-Sensitive Cured Cover Strips are said to be durable and ideal for stripping metal edging. They are available in 6-, 9- and 12-inch lengths. The 20-inch-wide Pressure-Sensitive Curb Wraps feature 6-inch SecurTAPE™ and are said to significantly reduce installation time of roof penetrations. The curb wraps are available in 50-foot lengths.

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Telephone: (800) 4-SynTec

Truck boxes provide visibility

Knaack Manufacturing Co. has introduced its WEATHER GUARD® Low-Profile Aluminum Truck Boxes, Model 121 and Model 131, which are said to provide advanced visibility through rear windows. Model 121 and Model 131 feature corner support channels, which are said to provide strength and durability.

Each product features a single-cover style that is said to provide easy access to tools. They fit most full and compact pickup truck designs and are available in clear or black Armor-Tuf powder-coat finishes.

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Telephone: (800) 456-7865

Ladder is safe

Werner Ladder Co. has introduced The Equalizer,™ a leveling extension ladder said to provide safety on uneven ground. The Equalizer has slip-resistant pads and dual-channel holes that allow it to be adjusted in 3/8-inch increments up to 8 1/4 inches.

The Equalizer features the EverLevel™ system, a bright blue inset surface with a bubble level, which is said to help the user level the ladder from side to side. The Equalizer is available in 16-, 20-, 24- and 28-foot heights with 225- and 250-pound load capacities.

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Telephone: (888) 229-7727, Ext. 2704

Granule is reflective

National Coatings Corp. has introduced its White Armor™ roofing granule that is said to be bright white and highly reflective. It reportedly is dust-free, hard and durable.

The White Armor roofing granule is said to be fully compliant with California's 2005 Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards' requirements.

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Telephone: (800) 423-9557

Membrane is weather-resistant

Open Energy Corp. has introduced its SolarSave™ Roofing Membrane Premiere Series SP 240, a solar roof membrane for low-slope roofs. The membrane is said to be waterproof, hail-resistant and wind-resistant.

The SolarSave Roofing Membrane Premiere Series SP 240 is fire-rated and said to be lightweight and easy to install. It can be installed around roof obstructions and over existing roofs.

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Telephone: (800) 250-2610

Retainer bar sizes are accommodating

W.P. Hickman Co. has added two retainer bar sizes to its Extruded TerminEdge™ fascia system. The extruded retainer bar now is available in 5 1/4- and 6 3/4-inch sizes and the system's standard 3 3/4-inch size.

The new retainer bar sizes are said to be easy to install and better accommodate commonly used TerminEdge sizes that include a one-piece extruded retainer.

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Telephone: (800) 892-9173

DVD introduces common terms

GAF Materials Corp. and the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence have released "What's That Called? 150+ Simple Spanish Terms in Roofing," a DVD that introduces Spanish- and English-speaking roofing workers to common English and Spanish roofing terms. The program includes more than 150 roofing-specific common terms, including roof components, tools, materials and safety phrases.

The product is available for free from GAF Materials Corp.

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Telephone: (973) 628-3000

Vents provide protection

Air Vent Inc. has introduced its Peak Performer™ I and Peak Performer II shingle-over-ridge vents, which are said to offer fast, easy installation and create low pressure above vent openings to increase airflow and deflect weather away from attics. The Peak Performer II is filtered and said to provide added weather protection.

Peak Performer I and Peak Performer II are available in 32-foot rolls.

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Telephone: (800) 247-8368

Fan reduces cooling costs

SunRise Solar Inc. has introduced its SunRise 1050™ solar-powered attic fan, a rooftop ventilator that is said to eliminate heat and moisture, extend shingle life and reduce cooling costs. It reportedly pulls heat out of attics at a rate of 1,050 cubic feet per minute in full sunlight.

The SunRise 1050 is said to be hail-resistant, noncorrosive and ideal for extreme weather conditions.

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Telephone: (219) 558-2211

Fascia system offers design benefits

Metal-Era Inc. has introduced its Perma-Tite Omni Fascia system that is said to offer design benefits for single-ply and built-up roof systems. The membrane reportedly is raised out of the water line, and the base rail is said to lock down the membrane.

The Perma-Tite Omni Fascia system is said to have a noncrimping snap-on cover and no exposed fasteners. It is available in 0.040-, 0.050- and 0.060-inch aluminum and 24-gauge steel.

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Telephone: (800) 558-2162


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