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Cooler retains ice up to five days

DEWALT® has added the ToughSystem® Cooler and ToughSystem Waterseal Drawers to its line of ToughSystem storage products. Featuring a lid with two cup holders and a bottle opener, the ToughSystem Cooler has 27 quarts of storage space and reportedly can retain ice up to five days to keep beverages cold. The cooler can be stacked with any ToughSystem module using its side latches and is compatible with DEWALT racking devices for stability and security during transit. The ToughSystem Waterseal Drawers unit is IP54 dust-resistant with two deep drawers for safe storage of tools. The unit features ball-bearing slides for convenient opening and side latches said to enable connections to other ToughSystem toolboxes.

Pitch pan line has pans and sealant

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. has introduced its line of ShapeShift® Pitch Pans with MP Liquid Sealant. Designed for use on low-slope roof systems, ShapeShift Pitch Pans are white and consist of 3-inch-long straight sections reportedly made of a high-strength polymer and 2- by 2-inch radius corner sections that feature interlocking joints that snap together to form square and rectangular pitch pans. MP Liquid Sealant can be used with EPDM, TPO, PVC, metal, spray polyurethane foam, elastomeric acrylic coating, smooth polymer-modified bitumen and smooth built-up roof systems and is available in white, black and gray. The sealant is packaged in four 2-liter foil pouches per pail.

Imaging attachment has enhancement tool

FLIR Systems Inc. has added the FLIR ONE® Pro LT, a thermal imaging attachment for iOS and Android smartphones, to its FLIR ONE Pro line of thermal imaging products. The FLIR ONE Pro LT features FLIR Systems' MSX® image enhancement tool, which reportedly combines thermal and high-definition camera images to produce detailed images that are easy for users to interpret, and FLIR Systems' VividIR™ video signal processing technology to deliver improved thermal image clarity. A OneFit™ camera connector allows a user to adjust the FLIR ONE Pro LT so it can be attached to a smartphone through a variety of protective cases.

Roof hatches have counter-balanced lids

JL Industries has introduced its Diamond™ Series line of steel and aluminum roof hatches. Diamond Series roof hatches' one-handed latch openings for ladder access and counter-balanced lids reportedly enhance users' safety. To reduce solar heat gain, the steel roof hatches feature a durable, reflective white powder coat finish. A new Diamond Grip™ feature aids installation of the roof hatches by securing a roof membrane and backer rod without special tools. Diamond Series steel and aluminum roof hatches' R-6 polyisocyanurate insulation in the curb and cover reportedly exceeds IECC R-5 requirements for curbs and reduces energy costs, and the roof hatches are said to meet industry wind-uplift standards of 50 psf and support a live load of 40 psf.

Gravity vent provides natural ventilation

Acme Cone Co. has introduced a new gravity vent designed to deliver natural ventilation for buildings with single-ply roof systems. The Acme Cone gravity vent reportedly allows heat and stale air to exit a building. The vent is available in standard sizes of 12, 18 and 24 inches and three colors: white, gray and tan.

Lanyard system helps prevent dropped tools

KNIPEX® Tools has introduced the Lanyard System as part of its Tethered Tools Pliers Program. Intended for use with KNIPEX Tools that have handles with tether attachment mounting points, the Lanyard System features a lanyard, two locking carabiners and three adapter straps designed to safely tether tools. The lanyard is made of gathered fabric tape that expands about 5 feet under strain and reportedly has a maximum working capacity of 3.3 pounds. The carabiner features a screw lock said to prevent the gate from opening unintentionally. The adapter straps can be attached directly by their cords to a user's wrist, belt or climbing equipment. The Lanyard System components are available individually or as a complete set.


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