New Ideas

Air and vapor barrier as a temporary roof

FiberTite® Roof Systems has launched VBX™ Air and Vapor Barrier that doubles as a temporary roof and reportedly protects the inside of a building for up to 180 days. The VBX Air and Vapor Barrier is mechanically attached directly over steel decking and eliminates the need for a thermal barrier. Certified as Class A fire-rated, the VBX barrier can be installed year-round in all climate zones and is said to withstand fire spread, support foot traffic and resist the elements while preventing air infiltration and water intrusion, allowing customers to install electrical, HVAC and other systems before the roof is complete.

Clamp attaches rooftop accessories

S-5! has introduced the S-5-RC™ clamp. Designed to attach rooftop accessories to the Riverclack® metal roof profile, the two-piece design creates a mechanical interlock reportedly strong enough to mount most rooftop applications with certified holding strength, protecting the roof from corrosion and preserving the metal panels’ thermal cycling characteristics. The clamp can be installed anywhere along the seam and can be used with rails or paired with the S-5! PVKIT® solar solution for streamlined rail-less and penetration-free solar mounting. The S-5-RC requires no maintenance or reinspection and is warranted for the life of the roof.

Speaker and lights are rechargeable

DEWALT® has introduced the DEWALT Rechargeable Mini Bluetooth® Speaker, Rechargeable LED Task Light and Rechargeable LED Flashlight, all powered through USB charging. The DEWALT Rechargeable Mini Bluetooth Speaker has up to 14 hours of runtime and is built for job-site listening with an IP67 rating for dust and water protection. The speaker can be charged in two hours with a 5-volt 1A power supply (not included), and users can link two speakers for stereo-style sound. With a diameter less than 3 inches, the speaker fits standard cup holders.

The DEWALT Rechargeable LED Task Light and Rechargeable LED Flashlight help illuminate low-light work areas, with each light featuring an LED output of up to 1,000 lumens of brightness and an IP54 rating for dust and water protection. The task light provides up to 12 hours of runtime, can charge in 85 minutes and features a pivoting head to adapt to location needs. The flashlight provides up to 6 1/2 hours of runtime, can charge in 75 minutes and can be hung from its hook for a hands-free option.

Attic vent helps regulate temperature

GAF has introduced its GAF Master Flow EZ Cool™ Plug-in Power Attic Vent and GAF Master Flow™ Pivot™ Pipe Boot Flashing. When installed as part of a properly balanced attic ventilation system, the GAF Master Flow EZ Cool Plug-in Power Attic Vent is said to deliver 1,050 cubic feet per minute of airflow and ventilate 2,000 square feet of attic space. The vent includes an adjustable thermostat to help regulate the temperature of the attic space and features optional QuickConnect™ Wi-Fi Technology, allowing homeowners to remotely monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity of their attics via an internet connection and smart device. Available in black, brown and weathered wood, the vent also is equipped with a 25-foot power cord and can be plugged into a 110-volt standard electrical outlet.

Available in four sizes, the GAF Master Flow Pivot Pipe Boot Flashing is made of metal and fully encapsulates plumbing pipes, featuring a ball and socket component for rooftop pitch adjustment. The flashing reportedly passes a 110-mph wind-driven rain test and the UL 2218 Class 4 impact-resistance test.

New paver colors are available

Aspire Pavers has added nine color options to its Interlocking Paver System collection of lightweight pavers: Beverly Hills, Burnt Umber, Charcoal, Deep Sea, Ivory, Monstera, Moss, Obsidian and Red Rock. The pavers are available in three sizes: 4- by 4-inch, 4- by 8-inch and 8- by 8-inch, as well as three variations (Pedestrian Grade Pavers, Permeable Pavers and Vehicle Grade Pavers). Pedestrian Grade Pavers are used for rooftops, balconies, patios, plazas and decks.

Ladder tops and tool bag offer storage

Werner has made available LOCKTOP™ ladder tops and the LOCK-IN™ Tool Bag, which offer storage to minimize a user’s trips up and down ladders. The ladder tops feature storage compartments, a center insert designed to hold impact drivers and carabiner holes to tether tools. LOCKTOP ladder tops are said to help reduce the potential of dropped tools and enhance productivity by reducing the number of trips up and down ladders.

Designed with water-resistant material, the LOCK-IN Tool Bag features interior and exterior pockets with Velcro closure, a removable divider for organization, a tool storage clip for expanded storage outside the bag, a shoulder strap and an anti-slip plastic bottom. The LOCK-IN technology locks into the new LOCKTOP ladder tops and is compatible with existing LOCKTOP ladder tops.


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