New Ideas

Tool lanyards are retractable

Ergodyne has added the Squids® 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard, Squids 3003 Retractable Tool Lanyard, Squids 3101F(x) Tool Lanyard and Squids 3111F(x) Tool Lanyard to its line of tool lanyards. The Squids 3002 Retractable Tool Lanyard features a hook and loop belt or harness attachment on one end and an autolocking carabiner connection on the other. The Squids 3003 Retractable Tool Lanyard features two autolocking carabiner connecting ends. Both retractable tool lanyards have a cut-resistant Dyneema® cord capable of extending 48 inches. With a retractable design said to limit snag hazards, the lanyards can tether hand tools weighing up to 1/2 of a pound. The Squids 3101F(x) Tool Lanyard features a single stainless-steel autolocking carabiner with a captive eye on one end and a loop on the other. The Squids 3111F(x) Tool Lanyard features a stainless-steel autolocking carabiner with a captive eye on both ends. Both shock-absorbing lanyards extend 38 to 48 inches and reportedly can tether tools weighing up to 15 pounds.

Use aerial imagery to track changes

Nearmap has introduced Nearmap AI, a series of datasets said to allow a user to identify key property features via aerial imagery. Nearmap AI datasets are integrated with aerial imagery from Nearmap’s library. Available in the U.S. and Australia, Nearmap AI enables a user to track changes over time by using data layers on the Nearmap MapBrowser platform. A user can interact with relevant Nearmap AI layers from MapBrowser or download datasets to integrate with his or her company’s tech stacks.

Drains available in new sizes

OMG® Roofing Products has made available OMG SpeedTite® Roof Drains in 5- and 6-inch sizes. A SpeedTite Roof Drain requires no assembly and reportedly installs in seconds without tools. The drain’s one-piece seamless body and heavy-duty cast aluminum strainer dome and clamping ring are said to provide strength and durability for long-term performance. A 10-inch drain stem accommodates most existing conditions and can be shortened in the field to accommodate elbows or bends in a drain leader. An extra-large flange allows positive attachment of roof flashing membrane, and flanges also are available with TPO or PVC coatings for directly attaching the flashing membrane.

Waterproofing system is solvent-free

W. R. MEADOWS Inc. has introduced HYDRALASTIC 836 SL, a single-component, solvent-free, water-activated waterproofing system. The cold-applied system cures to form a flexible membrane for above- and below-grade applications and reportedly does not crack in extreme cold or flow as a result of softening at hot temperatures. HYDRALASTIC 836 SL is formulated to self-level on horizontal surfaces and has a decreased likelihood of blistering when properly mixed and applied. The system is said to cure with the addition of water in as little as two hours and can be recoated the same day for two-coat applications. HYDRALASTIC 836 SL can be stored indoors in unopened containers for one year from the date of manufacture.

Cooling vests have adjustable waistbands

Pyramex Safety has made available its CV100 Series and CV200 Series cooling vests designed to help keep workers safe during outdoor jobs in hot weather. Both high-tech vests feature inner evaporative polyvinyl alcohol panels designed to keep a user’s body cool and reportedly activate when submerged in cool water for one to two minutes before wearing. Each vest features a quilted outer shell made from soft polyester, a zipper-front closure and adjustable waistband. The CV100 Series is available in gray, and the CV200 Series is available in high-visibility lime with 2-inch silver reflective strips.

Face mask insert enhances comfort

HeartForm SF has made available HeartForm, a lightweight shield designed to be worn inside a face mask to improve a user’s comfort. The heart-shaped shield is said to hold the fabric of a mask a few millimeters away from the wearer’s nose and mouth to make breathing and talking easier. Made of smooth, medical-grade polypropylene, the shield is reusable and recyclable and can be washed or sanitized between uses. HeartForm weighs 1/8 of an ounce and fits inside most paper and fabric face masks. HeartForm can be purchased individually or in bulk. Bulk orders include a choice of color and company name and slogan branding.


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