New Ideas

Dirt-resistance formula prevents discoloration

Henry® Company has introduced Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone White Roof Coating with patented dirt pick-up resistance formula. The new formula is said to provide increased resistance to discoloration from airborne particulates and tolerance to water exposure. The formula includes polysiloxane, a silicone polymer that reduces dust attraction; a surfactant with a self-cleaning property that is activated when exposed to rain and is said to allow the coating to dry in 15 minutes; and a detergent that is chemically tethered to the silicone to reduce leaching. The formula reportedly extends reflectivity of Pro-Grade 988 Silicone White Roof Coating and reduces frequent maintenance and replacement.

Work boots are waterproof

Georgia Boot has introduced the Carbo-Tec FLX Waterproof Lacer Work Boot and AMP LT Wedge Waterproof Work Boot. Made with full-grain leather, the soft-toed Carbo-Tec FLX boot features advanced memory polyurethane insoles and new FLX-FIT technology on the boot shaft, a 3D-molded elastic detail that reportedly allows a user to easily take the boot on and off. With a waterproof system, the AMP LT Wedge boot features abrasion-resistant leather, a heel-stabilizing counter-lock system and padded counter pocket for additional heel support, as well as memory foam insoles. The Carbo-Tec rubber outsoles are said to resist chemicals, heat, oil and slips.

Impact driver bits are durable

DEWALT® has made available FLEXTORQ® Impact Driver Bits with redesigned tip geometrics for durability. Each bit features a FLEXTORQ Zone to absorb impact as well as a laser-etched size marking for quick bit identification. The bits are said to drive 100% more screws per bit and can be used with T20 to T40 size fasteners.

Solar design application adds features

EagleView Technologies has made available TrueDesign™ Version 2.0, a cloud-based solar design solution. The web-based application enables a user to design solar panel layouts, determine shading analysis and quickly estimate energy production. New features include proposal integrations, improved shade analysis, 3D environment and shade scene, tablet support for sales and solar tiles. TrueDesign can be accessed via EagleView’s website or embedded within a user’s personal applications.

Fall-protection system enables continuous connection

FlashCo® has introduced Total Grip, a horizontal lifeline system. Designed for continuous connection, the Total Grip horizontal lifeline system eliminates a user’s need to disconnect and reconnect throughout the system. The modular design permits multiple setup options for different applications using the same base plates, and the system reportedly can be installed on nearly any roof system.

Ladder has 360-degree platform

Werner has introduced its Podium+ Type 1A ladder. Designed for residential construction projects, the ladder has a 300-pound load capacity and features a large 360-degree platform. The lighter weight of the Podium+ Type 1A ladder is said to enhance maneuverability in tight spots, and the ladder’s 15- by 18 1/2-inch platform allows a user to work in any direction without repositioning the ladder and limits fatigue from prolonged standing on a step. The ladder also features a contoured guardrail with a waist-high wraparound cradle for additional stability, nonconductive side rails, and redesigned top with 10 design features to hold various tools for safety and productivity.

Adhesive has low odor

Bitec® Inc. has made available DuraPlan™ EcoSet Green, a low-solvent, moisture-cured polymer adhesive designed for cold-process APP polymer-modified bitumen roof systems with slopes up to 3:12. The adhesive’s formula is said to have low odor and low volatile organic content (less than 25 grams per liter). DuraPlan EcoSet Green can be used to construct single or multiple plies of Bitec-approved base sheets and cap sheets or as a flood coat in cold-process applications. The adhesive reportedly is suited for schools, hospitals and other odor-sensitive projects requiring cold application of an APP polymer-modified bitumen roof sys


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