New Ideas

New software version released

True North Estimating Systems Ltd. has released WatchDog version 2.0, its roof asset management and proposal writing software that can be used alone or with a network or the Internet. The software is said to manage roof systems in single and multiple locations, generate proposals, create budget forecasts and track warranties. The product features a contact database and photo-management system and has the ability to store roof plans and draw details using RoofCAD or other computer-aided drawing software systems.

Copper sheets are wider

Outokumpu American Brass Inc. has made available its 48-inch-wide copper sheets for architectural applications. The sheets can be cut to any width or used on large surfaces to reportedly shorten installation times. The sheets are available in 16-, 20-, 24-, 32- and 48-ounce weights and lengths of 96 inches and 120 inches, as well as custom gauges and lengths.

Book features contracting rules

The American Society of Civil Engineers has released Ten Commandments of Better Contracting: A Practical Guide to Adding Value to an Enterprise through More Effective SMART Contracting by Francis T. Hartman, Ph.D. The book features recent research and professional and practical experiences to illustrate the 10 basic rules for improving contract performance. The book also provides legal and business overviews.

Tape measures are heavy-duty

Keson Industries Inc. has made available its compact heavy-duty tape measures in 33-, 50- and 100-foot lengths. The steel tape measures are encased in a yellow polycarbonate-molded case to withstand job-site hazards. The tapes reportedly can be easily read and rewound.

18-volt tools have more power

DEWALT has released its 18-volt cordless impact driver—DW056K-2—and 18-volt cordless impact wrench—DW057K-2—that feature 1,170 inches per pound of torque and 1,650 inches per pound of torque, respectively.

The driver features a 1/4-inch hex chuck for nut drivers, screwdriver bits, socket adapters, spade bits and twist bits. The wrench features a 1/2-inch square anvil for 1/2-inch drive sockets. The 6 1/2-inch-long tools, which operate at up to 2,400 rotations per minute and 3,000 blows per minute, include impact mechanisms that reportedly drive large fasteners without kickback.

Custom skylights take less time

Naturalite Skylight Systems has made available its EZ™ Program that allows architects to design custom skylight pyramids, ridges and octagons that can be delivered with standard lead times and budgets. By using the company's BMS 3000™ structural skylight-framing systems, the Pyramid EZ,™ Ridge EZ™ and Octagon EZ™ can be custom-designed to fit an architect's specifications.

Code compilations are released

ASTM International has made available the 40th edition of ASTM Standards in Building Codes and ASTM International Standards on Sustainability in Buildings. ASTM Standards in Building Codes features more than 1,550 ASTM construction specifications, practices and test methods that will help construction professionals meet code requirements, stay informed, specify appropriate materials and understand the significance of standards. The compilation is available in a four-volume book set, on CD-ROM or through an online subscription service.

ASTM International Standards on Sustainability in Buildings is available on CD-ROM as a resource for addressing environmental problems and challenges related to the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings. The CD-ROM features 127 standards for compliance with federal mandates for building materials, sustainable design, and construction and operation of buildings.

Flashing cement is rubberized

ALCO-NVC Inc. has released its 24/7 rubberized flashing cement that features elastomeric qualities for use on wet and dry surfaces. The asbestos-free product can be used on asphalt, concrete, metal, and SBS- and APP-modified bitumen roof systems. The cement is said to be easily applied in cold and hot temperatures and can be used with skylights, chimneys, flashings and gutters.

One person can install ridge vent

Ventco™ has released its ProfileVent® attic ventilation system that can be installed by one person to ventilate metal roof systems. The product is available in a roll that features intricate profiles for reported accurate installation. An optional Ridge Cap Anchor Clip can be used in high-wind areas and on panels with ribs 16 inches on center or greater. The 22-gauge galvanized steel clips are coated black and can be anchored with pop rivets on architectural or standing-seam metal panels.

Ridge vents are improved

Benjamin Obdyke Inc. has improved its Roll Vent® and Rapid Ridge® rolled ridge ventilation systems by manufacturing them with openings along the bottom of the products. The openings allow installers to see through the products as they are installed, which is said to ensure proper alignment and save time. The openings also reportedly improve airflow by as much as 30 percent. Additional fabric has been added to the top of Roll Vent to make it more compression-resistant.

Skylight kit is for tile roofs

Solatube International Inc. has made available a tile kit for its 10- and 14-inch skylights. The kit features a malleable corrugated aluminum counterflashing that reportedly easily forms to all tile profiles. The kit's steel turret extension is said to provide skylight waterproofing while keeping a skylight's dome clear of debris. The kit, which allows a skylight to be installed before roofing materials in new construction, can be painted in the field.


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