New Ideas

Horizontal lifeline has 60-foot cable

Pure Safety Group has introduced the Guardian® Retractable Horizontal Lifeline. Designed for fall-arrest applications, the lifeline deploys an extending metal energy absorber to reduce peak loads to anchorage structures during a fall. The lifeline also can be used as part of a fall-restraint system, which prevents a user from reaching the leading edge of a fall hazard. The Guardian Retractable Horizontal Lifeline features a durable 60-foot galvanized cable, carry handle and a single-direction tensioner handle said to prevent accidental releases. The lifeline’s hex shaft can connect to a drill to speed retrieval of the cable. The housing and handles are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel said to extend the life of the product. The Guardian Retractable Horizontal Lifeline installs quickly and can accommodate up to two users who each weigh between 130 and 310 pounds.

Saw blades cut nail-embedded wood

Spyder® Products has made available its new Black Series line of reciprocating saw blades. The bi-metal saw blades are designed for cutting tasks that require an aggressive, durable blade. Constructed from an 8% cobalt blend, the blades reportedly cut up to three times faster and last 10 times longer than standard bi-metal blades. Available in lengths of 6, 9 and 12 inches and featuring six to 18 teeth per inch, Black Series reciprocating saw blades cut through wood, nail-embedded wood, metal and other materials. Three- and five-piece packs and a 14-piece variety kit with a storage case are available.

Adhesive resists water and oil

ICP Building Solutions Group has introduced Polyset® PVC Spray Contact Adhesive, a portable, self-containing, single-component adhesive solution. Designed to adhere most PVC membranes to most vertical walls and substrates for commercial low-slope roofing applications, the adhesive reportedly sets up quickly and can be applied in temperatures as cold as 25 F. Polyset PVC Spray Contact Adhesive has zero volatile organic compounds and is said to resist weather, water, fuel, oil and other plasticizers. The adhesive covers up to 1,000 square feet and fully cures in one to three days.

Neck gaiter is moisture-wicking

Milwaukee® Tool has added a Multi-Functional Neck Gaiter to its workwear line. Made from a moisture-wicking, breathable blend of lightweight polyester and spandex, the gaiter is designed to protect a user’s face, head and neck. The gaiter reportedly keeps a user dry and comfortable all day with UPF 50+ sun protection and odor-resistant technology. The Multi-Functional Neck Gaiter can be worn as a face covering, headband or neck guard. The gaiter is machine washable, dryer-safe and available in Gray, Hi-Vis (yellow) and Red.

Platform accommodates uneven surfaces

Werner® has introduced its Adjustable Pro Work Platform. The compact, lightweight platform provides up to a 9-foot reach and has 10 inches of height adjustability on both sides, allowing a user to work on uneven surfaces. The platform’s work surface measures 46 by 14 inches. The Adjustable Pro Work Platform can be configured to 10 height positions with one-handed adjustment and locking. The platform has protective bumpers said to shield contact surfaces from damage and metal pins on its dual-locking legs for durability. The Adjustable Pro Work Platform also features an easy-grab handle with a wide opening for comfortable gripping and transport and wide nonmarring feet said to provide a stable, nonslip foundation. The aluminum platform has a 300-pound load capacity.

Support field workers remotely

R-HUB® Communications Inc. has made available its Turbo RemoteHand tech solution designed to help field workers maintain social distancing and reduce time required on job sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. Launched at a time when remote and virtual technologies are in strong demand as a result of health and safety concerns for workers, Turbo RemoteHand reportedly enhances communications between field workers and employees who are working from an office or at home. Turbo RemoteHand users can record an area, materials or equipment being serviced and use a drawing tool directly on a live video feed to make annotations and pinpoint exact areas needing repair. Support staff receiving the annotated video and screen shots can respond with their own annotations. Recorded sessions also can be used for auditing and training purposes. Turbo RemoteHand can be powered by battery and a portable WiFi router in environments lacking internet connection. Turbo RemoteHand operates through R-HUB Communications’ TurboMeeting 8.0 web conferencing and remote support tool.


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